Piles is term used to describe a condition in which the veins along the lower section of the rectum become swollen. This condition is also sometimes called hemorrhoids. So piles and hemorrhoids are basically the same thing. Medication and surgery are sometimes used as treatments but are not always necessary. You can find relief by using a natural cure for piles.

Visit a Physician

Make an appointment to see your physician before you decide on a natural treatment to get rid of hemorrhoids. It is important to make sure your symptoms are not being caused by a more serious medical condition. Symptoms of hemorrhoids include pain and itching near the area of ​​the anus and rectum. Rectal bleeding can also occur from piles.

Step # 1 Keep Affected Area Clean

You must first make sure you are taking proper care of the affected area before you begin using a natural cure for piles. It is important to take a bath or shower at least once a day to keep the affected area clean. According to Mayo Clinic, you should not cleanse this part of your body with soap because that can make the symptoms worse.

You may even find it beneficial to soak in the bathtub for a few minutes periodically through the day for 15 minute sessions. Do this after having a bowel movement in order to both keep the affected area clean and to ease the itching and irritation.

Step # 2 Fiber Foods

Eating the right foods can help you get rid of hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back. Fiber foods can help you avoid becoming constipated. Constipation puts excess strain on the veins which can aggravate hemorrhoids. Try to consume between 25 and 30 grams of fiber daily.

You can get fiber by eating lots of whole grains and fresh vegetables and fruit. You can take a fiber supplement to make sure that you are meeting the recommended daily amount. If you choose to get fiber through supplementation, drink at least eight glasses of water daily to prevent constipation or to avoid making it worse if you are already constipated.

Step # 3 Witch Hazel

Witch hazel contains astringent like properties which can act as a natural cure for piles. You can use witch hazel ointment or distilled liquid and apply it to the affected area or you can do the same with the medicated pads. This will help tie itching, swelling, and pain.