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How Does a Quality Hemorrhoid Cream Work?

A hemorrhoid cream can be a powerful and easy way to treat hemorrhoids of all kinds. Hemorrhoid creams vary in design and some are more suitable in specific cases than others. The most commonly found ingredients used in these preparations are as follows:

Steroids: The function of steroids is to reduce inflammation. The principle active ingredient in many hemorrhoid creams is the steroid hydrocortisone and there are many branded forms of available with or without a prescription. Non prescription forms are relatively low strength preparations (0.5 to 1%) and a suitable for the relief of itchy anal and rectal areas. The cream may have other ingredients such as Lidocaine (a rapid anesthetic also used in dentistry) to provide additional symptom relief which will vary according to the brand. For treatment of hemorrhoids, it is usual to apply hydrocortisone twice a day (every morning and night) for 2 to 6 days. The standard advice is that if the condition does not improve or worsens within seven days, seek medical advice. Always use exactly as stated on the product or as a physician recommends.

Astringents: astringents draw together or constrict body tissues, resulting in decreased flow of blood or other secretions and so reduce a cooling effect. They can be useful to relax, cool, and ease the pain of inflated hemorrhoids. Two natural ingredients, witch hazel and shark liver oil, are most common astringents.

Analgesics: These non-steroid substances can have some similar non-inflammatory effects to steroids. Common over the counter medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen fall into the same category. They act by reducing the production of prostaglandins which (among other things) act as messenger molecules involved in inflammation. These can bring very rapid pain relief.

Anesthetics: Local anesthetics block the initiation and conduct of nerve impulses. This causes a rapid numbness and so provides a temporary relief. One is Lidocaine mentioned above. It does not even address the underwriting swapping or inflammation.

Moisturizers: these temporarily hydrate the infected area which may provide some relief from the irritation.

Vasoconstrictors: these reduce blood flow to the hemorrhoid area and by this means prolong the relief from inflammation. Used most commonly for this purpose is ephedrine.

Hemorrhoid creams can be highly effective for reducing the sensation and unpleantness associated with the condition. Hemorrhoids need treatment and the creams are an excellent way to do so in the majority of cases. Each kind of cream uses its own specific combination of active agents although steroids are often the principle constituent.

Remember that although hemorrhoids are very common other more serious diseases may exhibit similar symptoms. It is therefore always advisable to seek medical advice should symptoms persist.

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Hemorrhoid Home Treatment: Treat And Cure Yourself The Easy Way

Getting affected by the hemorrhoid and to suffer the pain that comes from it requires a healthy mind, because healthy mind coupled with a list of hemorrhoid home treatment can cure you to survive difficult times.

Basically to tackle the hemorrhoid you need to be mentally strong and physically fit, says a medical consultant. He further adds: If approach is positive then the treatment works. The hemorrhoid home treatment consists of the following things:

  1. Hygiene: Since the anus release the stool ie unwanted waste, it becomes important that you clean and keep the inner skins in order. Even as you apply hot water bath to give it warmth the need is to tend it instead of treating it as unwanted area. Look after the personal hygiene and reduce the pain by this hemorrhoid home treatment.
  2. Green vegetables and fruits: Eat high quality fibrous food. You need to defecate in a smooth manner. They provide cellouse, a part of the green part so important in the bowel movements. Drink juices of reddish, carrot, lemon, spinach and mint leaves. This is better part of the hemorrhoid home treatment. Eat lot of bananas and other fruits to give you relaxation.
  3. Regulation your physical postures: Most of the times we sit wrong way and sleep wrong way. It is necessary that we should not sit in one position for hours together. Sitting straight or sitting on a hard surface should be avoided by the hemorrhoid patients. Do everything with care because your body is your possession. Keep it fit is the fundamental mantra of the hemorrhoid home treatment.
  4. Herbal remedies: Drink the hot pot made up of sesame seeds daily. Drink warm milk and butter milk to soothe lower portion of the anus. Drink juice juice to reduce pain and reduce the blood flow during defecation.
  5. Liquid diet: Rectal canal need to be washed continuously and continuously in the hemorrhoid home treatment. So drink plenty of water.

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Foods to Eat When You Have Hemorrhoids

A major cause – possible the major cause – of hemorrhoids, relates to training when you pass a motion. Bad toilet technique – something rarely discussed – can cause this effect. More likely because you are forced to strain because of constipation. Correcting the constipation can have a major beneficial effect on your hemorrhoids. To do so, change your diet and consider the following:

1. Roughage. To rectify constipation you need to increase the amount of fiber you eat. Fresh fruit and green vegetables are the key here, as they are to any healthy diet. A word of caution although is to start to add these into your diet slowly. Should you fail to do this it could cause gas as well as diarrhea and painful digestion. Personally I start every day with porridge oats which is very sustaining and helps aid the natural and healthy function of the digestive system. Bran cereal would have a similar effect.

2. Fresh Fruit and Fruit Juice. Both fresh fruit, fruit juices can also be a very good addition to your diet and can improve digestion as well as provide other highly beneficial effects. Some people say that they find dark fruit juices made from cherries, blackberries and blueberries particularly good to aid their problem. Laboratory evidence presented only a couple of years back indicated that the flavonoids present in these berries (called anthocyanin and proanthocyadin) may reduce hemorrhoids swelling and tone up the veins so this seems to have a real scientific basis.

3. Berries. In particular black-currant berries are good because of the amount of vitamin C they contain as well as other health giving minerals. They also contain the fatty acid called GLA. Although this is only present in very small quantities it produces prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is involved in the neural messenger system signaling pain. They might just act to reduce that unbelievably intense itch that can accompany even minor hemorrhoids. Eat the berries directly (they are readily available these days all year) or drink fruit juices made from them. Consider other red and black colored berries including cranberries, blackberries and strawberries for this purpose.

4. Ginger, garlic, and onion. These can be beneficial as they break down fibrin. This normally helps to repair tissues that may over accumulate causing further inflammation in the affected area. Try changing increasing the amount in your diet if you eat little (and decrease for a period if you currently eat a high quantity).

5. Dark Leafy Vegetables. These should be a part of almost any health diet and seem to be associated with a reduced likelihood of cancer. They may specifically have a beneficial effect on bleeding hemorrhoids as will butter beans and flax seeds.

Conclusion: Modify your diet by eating fiber to reduce constipation and consequent stress placed on them when you pass a motion. Eat a range of other foods to reduce itching, swelling and inflammation. Always remember your diet really does make a difference when it comes to treating hemorrhoids.

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Is There a Hemorrhoid Natural Cure

Is there a hemorrhoid natural cure is a very good question especially for those who constantly find themselves suffering from hemorrhoids. Fortunately there are some home remedies and natural cures available you just need to know where to look however, as they say, “an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Instead of looking for cures it may be better in the long term, to try to prevent them to begin with and the best place to start is with your diet. These prevention methods can also be consider a natural cure as doing them will help ease the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.

Most of the time hemorrhoids are caused by the veins under the skin in the area of ​​the anus and even inside the rectum becoming swollen and inflamed. The main thing that causes the swelling and inflammation is excessive pressure placed on the veins.

So, what are some things that cause this extra pressure?
First is a lack or insufficient amount of fiber in the diet which can lead to hard stools, these hard stools place pressure on the veins during bowel movements. A lack of fiber can also cause constipation which also causes pressure on the veins in the rectum.

Second, sitting for long periods of time creates pressure on the veins around the area of ​​the anus. If you have an office job and sit at a desk all day long consider getting up and walking around a little bit every hour or hour and a half. Sitting on the toilet for long periods will do the same thing as sitting at a desk so, do not spend hours reading the paper or a magazine when sitting on the toilet, when your done with business get up, finish reading the paper some place else.

As you can see the best hemorrhoid natural cure is your diet and lifestyle. If you get plenty of fiber in your diet to help keep your stools soft and avoid constant sitting which causes pressure on the veins, you can not only get rid of hemorrhoids but may be able to keep them from returning.

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Hemorrhoid Creams – Which One Is Best?

Hemorrhoid creams are generally the first port of call that people use in treating hemorrhoids. Millions of people worldwide suffer from hemorrhoids and the cure of hemorrhoids is something many sufferers strive for.

The question most people ask in seeking a cure for hemorrhoids which is the best cream to use. Whilst creams do give some help for hemorrhoids, the undering issue here is that most creams treat the symptoms quite well but do not do enough in terms of getting rid of a hemorrhoid. This may be acceptable to a certain range of sufferers but it does not do enough to get rid of a hemorrhoid -as a large number of people with hemorrhoids have acute symptoms that require a more effective treatment than a cream.

To cure a hemorrhoid we need to apply a more holistic treatment.

The main advantage hemorrhoid creams is that they provide quick symptom relieve as they contain astringents and anesthetics. This is obviously effective for quick relief – which is a good thing, however, in order to seek a long term hemorrhoid cure there are homoeopathic and herbal treatments that focus on reducing the inflammation and therefore the hemorrhoid size, eventually reducing the size to such a point that the hemorrhoid is effectively gone.

Hemorrhoid creams certainly have their place for mild sufferers, however, if you have acute symptoms you will require a more substantial remedy. The best hemorrhoid treatments for acute symptoms are two stage treatments that are based on herbs and homoeopathics. These types of remedies have had tremendous results worldwide with even the most acute sufferers – that would otherwise be forced to undergo invasive medical intervention.

The best hemorrhoid creams have: –

– anesthetic and astringent constituents for symptomatic relief

– all natural ingredients for minimal side effects

– a lubricant to keep the area moist and to make movements easier

– a calming effect on inflammation and swelling

As a cured hemorrhoid sufferer, I understand the pain and inconvenience that goes with this condition – I was facing medical intervention but chose to source a less invasive treatment which led to a total cure without the pain, discomfort and cost of having a medical procedure. Find Out More

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External Hemorrhoid Removal Can Go From Easy To Extreme!

Most people would rather that they get internal hemorrhoids rather than the external ones because it is the less painful condition among the two. However, as with most things in life, we often do not get to choose what happens to us especially if it is as random as piles. Good thing there is external hemorrhoid removal to help you get rid of the irritating piles. External hemorrhoid removal is highly important because having pain and discomfort from this type of piles is really a great hindrance in your daily activities.

External hemorrhoids are the swilling or the protruding masses near the anal opening. This happens because of the swapping of the veins in the anus. The most common external hemorrhoid removal method is surgery. This has to be done professionally by a medical practitioner in order to finally really relieve you from the suffering that you are regularly going through.

Some of these surgeries for external hemorrhoid removal include rubber band ligation wherein a doctor ties a rubber band around the infected piles to prevent blood from flowing into it. This then reduces the swelling and allows the piles to heal. There is also sclerotherapy which is actually injecting something into the mass that inevitably hardens the piles to allow it to heal properly or to be taken out.

What you have to know is that these surgical procedures are only necessary when you have certain cases of piles. If you only have the mild condition, you would not need these external hemorrhoid removal procedures. Instead, you can just go for the natural methods that are equally highly effective in decreasing pain, irritation and swelling.

One of the most natural things that you can do for external hemorrhoid removal is to drink tons of water. This will make your digestion go smoothly giving you a less difficult time in the toilet that likewise reduces the risk of having constipation which can aggravate the situation even more. Straining or forcing to defecate can worsen your condition. Just remember that prevention is always better than cure. Eating properly and avoiding too much alcohol and caffeine can also lessen your chances of having internal or external piles. Keep in mind that if you do experience piles, do not panic and just calmly use these natural methods to deal with the situation.

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General Information On Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are of two main types – internal and external. The internal hemorrhoids occurs inside the anal passage. This type is not really very painful but is terribly uncomfortable. The condition is caused when there is increased pressure on the veins inside the anal canal. The most common symptoms of these are when there is blood in the stool or blood is noticed on the toilet paper.

External hemorrhoids are usually found outside the anal canal and are extremely painful. If infected with this condition a burning sensation is observed along with itching and stabbing sensation. When a vein develops a blood clot this kind of hemorrhoid is caused. The common symptoms of this type is blood observed on the toilet paper as well as in the stool, anal itching and irritation, swelling around the anus and pain while walking, sitting or passing stool.

There are a number of cures, treatments and home remedies to help get relief from hemorrhoids and these are dependent four main factors – how serious the condition is, how long has it been around, how fast you want to cure it and how much you are willing to shell out to cure it. About 90 percent of hemorrhoids do not require surgery as a cure. Surgery is very invasive and has a long recovery process. In many cases surgery is unnecessary.

There are a number of topical creams and ointments available in the market that can be easily purchased at drug stores. These creams are to be applied multiple times a day. In the case of internal hemorrhoids a special applicator is provided to aide the application. Many people complain of pain when applying these creams. There have also been a few comments about skin irritation and itching after the application is complete. For the people who do not suffer any of these effects the creams can be very soothing but this is only for the initial stages of the condition.

To completely cure it there are treatment options like H Miracle and H Hemorrhoid in which there are a number of aspects that can help you get permanent results. One must always remember to follow the instructions carefully to obtain most results. Also, you need to make some dietary changes when the treatment is going on as well as when it is over so that you can prevent it in the future. Figuring out the cause of the condition can help to cure it permanently.

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment: What’s Right For You

The best hemorrhoid treatment is the one that reduces your discomfort, alleviates the symptoms and ultimately cures your hemorrhoids – specifically internal and external hemorrhoid treatments.

I'm sure you would all agree that the best hemorrhoid treatment is both a natural remedy and natural cure for hemorrhoids as it is generally going to have less dramatic effects on your body. Most modern products for the treatment of hemorrhoids are developed from herbal remedies as well as having homoeopathic agents which assist in a longer term natural cure for hemorrhoids.

Such treatments can combine of both a tablet program as well as a topical ointment – the tablet playing the more active role in the cure while the ointment will alleviate the more immediate symptoms – so providing a holistic solution to your problem. I personally have found this to be far more effective than medical intervention which tend to focus on symptom alleviation.

So for treating hemorrhoids at home we need something that is easy to use as well as being effective. Prevention is always better than cure but if you already have a bad condition – you need to act to end the discomfort. The good news for someone suffering with this condition is that tremendous advances have been made in this area as there are millions of sufferers worldwide, since the need to develop non-invasive and non-medical treatments that are effective – both from a cost and results perspective.

To cure hemorrhoids the best approach is to use a specific product to alleviate both symptoms as well as reducing hemorrhoid size with the overall goal being a cure. Lifestyle issues also need to be examined to prevent reappearance after the condition has been eliminated with- these will mostly involve examination of diet etc.

All the best in dealing with your condition and remember you are not alone and highly effective help is at hand.

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Do Hemorrhoids Go Away? 10 Tips to Eliminate Hemorrhoids

Are you suffering with the distracting effects of hemorrhoids? Perhaps you have tried the various remedies without success. You may even be considering surgery. In most cases, surgery is unnecessary as hemorrhoids can be controlled or even eliminated by natural methods.

Do hemorrhoids go away? Hemorrhoids do not normally disappear on their own. It will take some effort on your part to get rid of your hemorrhoids. For your consideration, we offer these 10 tips that are certain to provide some relief for anyone suffering from hemorrhoids.

1) Decrease bowel movement contracting by increasing fiber intake.

2) Drink water to cleanse the intestines and help reduce the size of the hemorrhoids.

3) Do not take painkillers to ease hemorrhoid pain as this can cause constipation.

4) Topical medications will never eliminate hemorrhoids because they do not address the real cause. They may provide quick relief for flareups but do not become dependent on these as they are only temporary fixes.

5) To control bleeding, ice packs can be beneficial. Prolonged bleeding should be brought to the attention of a physician.

6) Hemorrhoids are normal during pregnancy and do not usually require treatment as the problem is resolved after delivery.

7) Prolonged sitting should be avoided as this can exacerbate the symptoms.

8) Body weight should be carefully watched and controlled by a balanced program of diet and exercise.

9) After each bowel movement, the rectal area should be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

10) Regular bowel movements are an important part of any hemorrhoid treatment regimen. Become attentive and train yourself to acquire these patterns.

Do not be embarrassed to discuss your problem with others. Learn all you can about your illness and seek competent professional help that will address the root cause. Only then can you rid yourself of hemorrhoids without any fear of recurrence.

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Hemorrhoid Pain Relief: Important Measures to Remember

Simply getting relief from hemorrhoids symptoms is not going to benefit anyone without people know how to get rid of them. The following self-care measures may give you hemorrhoid pain relief, but they will not help in curing it permanently. Many products are sold for Hemorrhoid Pain Relief but many of it contains identical drugs that are used for treating anal symptoms such as itching or distress. Such products are available in the form of ointments, creams, gels, suppositories, foams, and pads. But these when used around the anus, one has to be cautious and make sure that it is applied as a thin covering.

As a part of hemorrhoid pain relief measures, the patient has to take minimum eight or nine glasses of water per day and check the amount of fiber in the diet too. Also, make sure that the anal area is kept clean and dry. While taking bath it must be in warm water and should also clean the skin around your anus gently with it. Use Epsom salts, and put them while bathing, then stay for ten minutes to gain hemorrhoid pain relief. Applying ice packs or cold will aid to compress the anus to tie swelling.

Also keep in mind that you never use dry toilet paper while wiping your ass. To keep the anal area hygienic after a bowel movement, make use of wet and moist towels or wet toilet paper that does not include perfume or alcohol. Furthermore, if coming from the anal hole, you may try to softly push them back. At once these are back in, the pain is supposedly to fade away quickly. Regular exercises are indicative for the suffering body. Bear in mind that staying in the toilet for more than five minutes at a time worsens hemorrhoids. Additionally, taking several short walks a day is also a part of hemorrhoid pain relief. Hemorrhoid cushion which is an inflatable rubber ring are also a good choice for it. When you sit on it, the cushion will minimize the contact pressure between the sitting surface and the hemorrhoid.

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Common Things That Cause Hemorrhoids

People suffering from hemorrhoids give up after trying thousand different remedies, but do not realize that the cause for all this is their diet lifestyle and habits. Controlling the recurrence of hemorrhoids strongly depends upon changing the diet. Remedies for hemorrhoids can only help reduce the severity. The 'cure' part lies in identifying the root cause and addressing them.

People who are above 50 years and pregnant women experience hemorrhoids quite frequently. In most cases, they just go away on their own, provided the undering causes are not aggravated. Some of the common causes for hemorrhoids are listed below.

Old age

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins. These veins are present as normal blood vessels in every person. They flare-up when the muscles surrounding the veins give away and the veins are exposed to high pressure, either due to training or due to sitting for too long in the toilet. As the body ages, the muscles become flaccid and can not grip the veins firmly between them. This results in inflammation and development of hemorrhoids.

Straining to evict the stool

Constipation is one major reason for hemorrhoids. The fast food culture offers very high fat content, but no fiber content. Here, the stools are hard as pellets. When the time comes to evict these stools, the person has to push it out with lot of effort. The stool does not have enough lubrication to come of on its own and presses the veins on its struggle out of the body. Constant practice of training to evict leads to hemorrhoids. This can also cause anal fissure and itching. The fissure is irritated by the stool and causes burning sensation.


Diarrhea causes the mucus lining to erode away in the rectal canal, thus exposing the vulnerable veins to the acidic stool. Human fecal matter is alkaline in nature, but indigestion can cause it to turn acidic. The mucus would have protected the veins from this low pH, but since the protective coating is no longer present, the veins will rupture and inflame.

The constant wiping too irritates the skin and results in external bumpy hemorrhoids that are painful, itchy and burn upon passing of stool.


One of the lesser known reasons of hemorrhoids is obesity. Obese individuals carry a lot of weight and put pressure upon the varicose vein in the extremities. An offshoot of varicose vein runs to the rectum and forms the rectal vein. When such individuals sit in the toilet for longer duration, the vein is compressed due to the body weight and ruptures to form hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids developed during pregnancy are temporary and can be brought under control with simple changes in sleeping positions and diet. The growing baby inside the uterus pushes the vein. The pressure is constant and hence leads to hemorrhoids. It is fairly common in 20 to 50% of the pregnant women to be affected by hemorrhoids.

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7 Highly Effective Tips For a Fast Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

There are a number of ways to provide fast relief to the affected persons in case of hemorrhoid which occurs internally as well as externally due to variety of factors. Hemorrhoid pain relief can be of following types:

  1. Bathing regularly and giving warm water shakes to the externally affected portions of anus can be the first option in the hemorrhoid pain relief. However never over do this as it may lead to excess irritation if it is overdone.
  2. Using natural herbal jelly to the affected muscles which can help in the healing process as well as give relief to the affected person. This type of hemorrhoid pain relief which uses witch hazel can not only reduce ongoing pain but also help in halting further future irritation.
  3. A usual dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen can provide instant relief but that may not be a permanent solution. However this type of hemorrhoid pain relief must be taken on advice and guidance of the doctor.
  4. Using warm and cold compress on the affected hemorrhoid area every now and then can reduce the element of pain considerably.
  5. Hemorrhoid pain relief also involves taking good care of yourself, so as to provide continuous relief when the actual pain starts in the affected area. The patient should avoid sitting on the hard surface and use of rough toilet paper to clean anus, so as to ease their physical condition.
  6. Hemorrhoid pain relief also includes two more remedies. Sometimes when the hemorrhoid gets enlarged which can cause extreme pain then the doctors recommend surgical procedure to cut the pained portion.
  7. Now of course one can also use laser and infrared rays to remove hemorrhoid for the chronic patients. In laser surgery, advantage to the patient is his outer tissues and nerve lines are not disturbed. The surgery takes place in the span of thirty minutes, helping the patient get back to his routine at the earliest.

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Hemorrhoid Miracle All Natural Hemorrhoid Relief – The Hemorrhoid Miracle Review

Hemorrhoids is not something to take lightly, and when someone has this condition proper care must be taken so that it is not aggravated. As people continue to look for solutions that could work for them they are now considering holistic techniques to provide them relief. When people have this condition it is a topic that is generally embarrassing to discuss and that is the reason for writing this article.

You could say that hemorrhoids is one of the more uncomfortable ailments because it mostly affects people in the anal area. It can be described as small soft bumps in the affected area, but they are also varicose veins that have become swollen or enlarged due to high amounts of stress around the lower pelvic region and this is usually the case for pregnant women. As people get older they are more susceptible to hemorrhoids because of the loss of elasticity of the anal tissue, and proper dieting must be observed in order to get some relief.

One of the most notable effects of hemorrhoids is the nagging pain that just will not go away. They can be very painful and due to the delicate nature of the anal tissue one has to be very careful when applying any kind of treatment. To a lot of people the subject of hemorrhoids is very embarrassing but the natural and holistic treatment guides can show you some ways to deal with those uncomfortable bumps. For example having a fiber rich diet and drinking plenty of water helps to heal hemorrhoids.

When people are looking for a cure for this problem they often overlook cheaper solutions and these are usually the all natural cures. In truth there is no reason for you to spend a fortune for hemorrhoids relief when you could simply follow some all natural formulas from reputable sources or online publications. And as long as you are consistent with these treatments you should notice a regular shrink and relief from your hemorrhoids.

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How to Naturally Treat Bleeding Hemorrhoids

The advantage of using natural methods to treat bleeding hemorrhoids is that many other remedies (though not by any means all) involve steroids which can sometimes have side-effects including eczema and allergic reactions. Natural solutions are less likely to have these problems and, particularly when bleeding has only just occurred and the problem is minor, may well be an appropriate remedial choice. Why is this?

Most hemorrhoids flare up for brief periods and bleeding is often associated with them. In order to encourage the hemorrhoid to stop bleeding it is necessary to reduce the level of inflammation and in principle there is no reason that natural treatments can not achieve this effect – after all aspirin, possibly the most successful remedy of all time, was originally obtained from willow bark and has as a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

Homeopathic treatments are also specifically available for hemorrhoids and sometimes included in the natural category. Some celebrities such as Prince Charles promote homeopathy. David Beckham, Martina Navratilova, and Nancy Lopez have all received homeopathic treatments at some time. Personally I am highly skeptical that they work, except as a placebo, and there is no scientific evidence whatever that supports the view that they do so. On-the-other-hand the likelihood that they could be dangerous is low and some people might wish to experiment this way, though the active ingredients are so dilute that not a molecule of them usually remains in the solutions used.

Fortunately other treatments available are likely to be far more effective and have more substantial claims for success. Here are four potential natural treatments that are worth considering and available online:

1. Butcher's Broom is a popular herbal remedy for hemorrhoids and comes from an asparagus like shrub native to the Mediterranean. This long used natural anti-inflammatory substance works in a way not similar to that of steroids. The claim made is also that it tightens veins and strengthens capillary walls while giving the anti-inflammatory effects of steroid compounds. It contains steroidal saponins that are responsible for the herbs medicinal effects.

2. Horse Chestnut is an astringent, anti-inflammatory herb and a natural treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids. Its active substance is called aescin. Aescin strengnts vein tissues and reduces swelling. There is some evidence from Germany that it alters the collagen content and architecture of veins to improve their health.

3. Cayenne is not used as a hemorrhoid treatment as commonly as either Butcher's Broom or Horse Chestnut – it is however well known as a flavoring spice. All kinds of claims suggest that is can be used for conditions affecting the prostate to toothache, blood pressure and ulcers. Does it work for hemorrhoids? I do not know, but this is what some herbalists suggest. It does seem to have strong circulatory benefits and so this may well be the case. Capsaicin is the active ingredient and it contains carotenoids and vitamins C and E as well.

4. Mullein has claims to be one of the best and safest herbal remedies for hemorrhoids. For hemorrhoids use in the form of a leaf poultice applied externally. Its active ingredient is capsaicin and the leaves have been as a remedy for various ailments since time immemorial. Respiratory and skin irritations also have some claim to respond to this herb.

Herbal remedies are well worth considering as a hemorrhoid treatment. Note that if bleeding persists then, whether the treatment is natural or not, it is advisable to have the problem checked out by a physician. Very often the symptoms of hemorrhoids may mask a far more serious under cause and it is important to be aware of this. Also be aware that natural treatments have active ingredients so can also have side effects.

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Best Hemorrhoid Treatment – The Quickest Way to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

If you are looking for the best hemorrhoid treatment to quickly get rid of your hemorrhoids, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically, two simple changes to your lifestyle, exercise and adjusting your diet can be a good treatment for your hemorrhoids. Changing your lifestyle in combination with using a spray will be the quickest way to get rid of hemorrhoids. After reading this article and applying the treatment, you will never worry about hemorrhoids ever again.

1. Exercise

Exercising regularly can do wonders for your hemorrhoids as well as your health in general. Exercise can get you in a better physical shape and help cure your hemorrhoid condition by strengthening your digestive muscles. However, make sure you do not lift weights that are too heavy, because that will add pressure to your bowel area. However exercise alone is not enough to cure your hemorrhoids, because having a better diet can also help with your condition.

2. Adjust your diet

Simple changes in your diet can go a long way to cure your hemorrhoids. What comes in must go out. Adding fiber to your diet can help your digestion and make it easier to pass stool. Fiber helps to push your feces out of your body, and help you avoid constipation. You can consume fiber by eating more vegetables and fruits. Remove caffeine from your diet can also help your hemorrhoids, because caffeine can quickly dehydrate you. These simple changes to your daily diet can help you live a better life and get rid of hemorrhoids. However, diet and exercise can only lower your chance of future hemorrhoids. But if used in combination with a hemorrhoid remedy would be the most effective solution.

3. Hemorrhoids Spray

The quickest way to cure your hemorrhoids condition is using a hemorrhoid spray. This all-natural spray is quickly absorbed to your bloodstream and relief any discomfort from hemorrhoids. If used in combination with lifestyle changes, you can be sure to never worry about hemorrhoids ever again. These sprays can be used in the comfort of your home, and avoid any embarrassment.

Now you have learned about the best hemorrhoid treatments and how to quickly get rid of the condition, take these advices and put them to use. Simple changes like exercise and adjusting your diet can help prevent future hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid sprays would be the best treatment option for hemorrhoid. Put these simple remedies to use and have a better life.

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