There are a lot of home remedies for hemorrhoids which can address the condition, but there are times when they are not enough to cure the problem. However, they do work Oftentimes and before you spend a huge amount of money for an expensive treatment, you might want to consider them first.

Benefits of Home Remedies

Most of the natural remedies for hemorrhoids are very easy to make and they are cheaper than making a visit to your physician and then getting prescription medications. Several home remedies may also help in preventing further occurrences of hemorrhoids in the future.

Avoid Further Irritation

  • The first thing that you need to do is pick the right toilet paper because they contain irritants and can scratch the hemorrhoids which will make the problem worse. Get toilet paper that does not contain perfume, chemicals, coloring, or any kind of irritants and you can dampen it before application so that you can be sure.
  • Secondly, do not scratch. This urge to scratch is natural but this can damage the veins in the rectum and intensify the problem.
  • Heavy lifting, training, exercises, and athletics can be the same as the situation when you are on the toilet. Avoid heavy physical exercise because this may cause further bleeding and pain.
  • Fourth, make a hot sitz bath. Soak yourself in a hot water tub which is 3 or 4 inches higher because this can help in improving the blood flow to certain areas and heal the veins which are swollen.

These are just some general guidelines that you should follow to prevent further irritation of the hemorrhoids.

Role of Diet in the Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Home remedy to the different types of hemorrhoids may also include a change in diet. Some of the foods that should be included in the diet include prunes, raisins, papayas, oats, and nuts. These kinds of foods contain fiber and it can help you strain less whenever you want to pass stool. Aside from that, you should also drink lots of water as this will improve bowel movement and help you develop softer stool.

Other foods like bee pollen, food supplements, and chocolate can also be taken because these tasty treats have a certain tonic effect on the entire system, regardless of the effect that it has on the hemorrhoids. The nutrients in these foods also have a good effect on blood flow and many other things.

Some groceries must also be avoided. One must minimize consuming soda, beer, spices, coffee, and sugar. The control of salt intake may also help when it comes to home remedy for hemorrhoids so junk foods must be eliminated from the grocery shopping list.