Have you been searching for natural hemorrhoid pain relief? If yes, then you have come across the right article. Here, you will learn about some wonderful pain relief that you can have even in the comfort of your own home. Read on and learn.

First off, you have to understand that there are various types of natural remedies for hemorrhoids. Although they are all effective, it will still depend on you which hemorrhoid treatment will work best. Also, the severity of your case must be taken into consideration when choosing any pain relief regimen.

Natural Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

  • Water-Perhaps the easiest hemorrhoid relief is water. All you have to do is drink plenty and you'll already be on the way to getting immediate easing of pain. You see, water is a great detoxifying agent. It helps your body get rid of harmful toxins. Apart from that, it offers relief by making your stools soft. When your stool is soft, you do not have as much pain because you are less likely to put strain on your bowel. The lesser the strain, the better.
  • Ice-Using an ice pack can absolutely give you quick hemorrhoid pain relief. If there's none available, you may opt to place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and sit on it. It soothes the pain by numbing the swelling and discomfort. Apart from easing the pain, it also discourages more blood flow to the swollen veins.
  • A potato-Creating a poultice out of grown potatoes is a very useful hemorrhoid pain relief. It's efficient in cleansing enlarged piles and bringing comfort. Here's how you do it: wash two potatoes, cut them thinly, and blend. When it has turned into paste, slather it in a clean cloth or tissue. Then, apply it on the affected area directly. Let it stay for at least six minutes. Then, rinse. Doing this regularly can provide an easing of the discomfort and pain.
  • Vinegar-It may be surprising to know that vinegar can provide hemorrhoid pain relief. Apple cider vinegar has long been known to less the irritation and discomfort that hemorrhoids can bring. It also has cleansing properties to prevent the occurrence of any infection. As you can imagine, an infection would just aggravate the condition. When applying vinegar on the anal area, it is best to do it after bathing and drying. Apple cider vinegar can also be taken orally. Just mix two teaspoons of it into a glass of water and drink after each meal.
  • Aloe Vera-One of the most potent herbs in the garden which can bring guaranteed hemorrhoid pain relief is aloe vera. It has the power to heal inflammation and minimize blisters. When using it what you should do is break a piece of aloe vera into pieces and get its extract. Apply the extract to affected area. Apart from directly applying the extract, you can also take half a cup of it orally. Do both can surely alleviate the pain.

These are the natural hemorrhoid pain relief techniques. They are easy and free, giving them a try will absolutely be a great idea.