Many people suffering from hemorrhoids or commonly known as piles prefer to resort to surgery to heal hemorrhoids. However there is no necessity for such a drastic action because you can use home remedies to eliminate the ailment. Hemorrhoids are not a serious malady, neither dangerous nor life-threatening. Using simple steps towards healing hemorrhoids will lead to a total elimination.

These are some of the steps that you can take to heal hemorrhoids. If you diligently peruse the steps, then complete recovery will be very fast.

1. You can use a suppository that consist of a steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, anesthetic and an astringent. Examples of anesthetics include lidocaine and benzocaine. These will numb the nerve endings at the hemorrhoids site. Therefore there will be no pain, burning and itching. The astringent will cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoids. Once deprived of blood supply, the hemorrhoids will shrink that eliminating them ever. The steroid acts to reduce the inflammation at the site while at the same time heal the skin tissues at the site contributing then to healing hemorrhoids.

2. Take a sitz bath at least for about 15 minutes twice daily. The bath can be a container like a basin big enough to sit in it. Pour in warm water in it and place salts like Epsom salts, herbal salts or even baking soda in it. Soak the buttock in it. Soaking will allow the hemorrhoids to shrink. There will be a reduction of pain in the anal area. On multiple application of the bath, healing hemorrhoids will become possible.

3. Eat plenty of fibers. If you find that you are taking too much meat, cheese, eggs, refined grains and wheat, then you should stop these foods as they can all be constipating. The useful fibers can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Even oat fibers have particular benefits. You will find that foods like prunes and linseed, and nutrient like Vitamin C exert a mild laxative effect so adding in producing softer stools.

4. Drink plenty of water to ensure that you will always be in a state of hydration at all times. As human is made of 65 percent water, we must ensure that we are kept hydrated at all times. This will ensure proper body functions including digestion. So it makes sense that we eat plenty of food with high water content. Not drinking enough water is a cause of constipation. When there is enough water and fibers in the diet, you should feel the urge to defecate at least twice a day. So you should not deprive easing yourself when there is an urge to do so as inhibiting nature will cause constipation to set in.

Healing hemorrhoids has always been very easy as long as you want to adopt changes in your diet. These have been found to be very effective. Home remedies should be encouraged to heal hemorrhoids instead of medical interventions. The natural remedies have been found to be cheap, safe to use and efficient in their actions to heal hemorrhoids.