If you have never had the experience of coming down with a hemorrhoid, you should consider yourself very lucky. In some instances they can be so painful, that they literally ruin your life. A bad case of hemorrhoids can making sitting extremely difficult, walking excruciatingly painful, and laying down and trying to go to sleep, worse than your most dreadful nightmare ever.

If all of that was not bad enough, if they are not treated properly, timely, and effectively, you could end up on an operating table having yourself cut open. The medical researchers that study hemorrhoids are really not quite sure why certain individuals are predisposed to getting them; while another person who is in the same family, never catches one.

The scientists do believe that in certain cases it has to do with the types of foods that you consume, and food allergies that have not been diagnosed. There are two main types of hemorrhoids, which are classified as external and internal.

The external hemorrhoids are usually the most painful and are frequently found near the surface of the anus. In certain patients, if they are not treated successfully, they will begin to enlarge and protrude. Once that happens, they are likely to develop blood clots, and can become unbelievably sensitive and almost untouchable.

Thankfully, internal hemorrhoids are not as painful as the external variety, but they are more difficult to detect and diagnose. They are usually found deep inside of the rectum, and in many cases you only notice that you have one, when you start bleeding in that area.

Thankfully, you are able to treat hemorrhoids in your home, using only all natural methods. You can start very easily and simply by only trying to add a bit of fiber to your diet. The reason that this method is successful, is that additional fiber in a diet is known to make a person use the bathroom more often, which decrees the amount of bodily waste that comes out each time, so putting less pressure on the hemorrhoids. If you do try to treat them yourself, you also want to make sure that you drink plenty of water.

If your home treatment plan does not work as well as you wished it would right away, you might want to consider trying a few of the more than plentiful, over the counter treatments. The following are some of the types of treatments that are available; suppositories, pads, gels, and creams.

When you first walk into the drug store to review your hemorrhoid treatment options, it is going to be quite confusing deciding on which one will best suit your particular needs. When in doubt, try and read the labels to determine which one will work best for the symptoms that you have.

Your final hemorrhoid option involves visiting the doctor, to see what they recommend. The physician might prescribe some type of drug or medication, if they have not grown too large. If they have, they might suggest surgery. Hemorrhoids are no joke and not something that should be taken lightly, so please make sure that you undertake an immediate treatment program if you suspect that you have one.