Hemorrhoids in Truckers – Causes. OK, Good Buddy … let's talk about the causes of those nasty hemorrhoids that are bringing such misery to you when all you're trying to do is deliver the goods in your truck to make the world a better place to live for the rest of us.

The bottom-line (pun intended) cause of hemorrhoids is an increase in pressure in the lower abdomen. That's a specific answer, but it's not much by way of explanation, is it? It begs the follow-up question: what causes the increase in pressure in the first place. Let's talk about it.

A certain amount of pressure in the lower abdomen is normal. If it were not for pressure, we would not know when our bowels needed to be emptied, the blood flow in and out of lower abdominal vessels would be impaired, and organs would not stay in place. The problem arises when the normal pressure in the abdomen increases.

There are technical explanations as to exactly how each of the following causes an increase in the pressure inside your abdomen … but high-tech scientific jargon is not going to help you out of your misery. For now, just accept that the following factors can cause hemorrhoids:

– Constipation (this is listed first because it is the most common cause of hemorrhoids)

– Sitting in the same position for long hours (that would be you)

– Obesity

– Flabby abdomen

– Irregular bowel habits

– Delaying “natures call”

– Sitting on the toilet too long

– Holding your breath when lifting, or during bowel movemen

– Rubbing the anus after a BM (patting will do and please avoid scented or perfumed wipes and soaps

– Low water intake (all fluids count but not all fluids are good … avoid high caffeine, high calories, and excess alcohol)

– Inadequate dietary fiber (fruits, vegetables, beans, bran, whole wheat) These are really important foods that you must add to your diet.

– Greasy, starchy, high-calorie foods (often found at “truck stops”). Avoid as much as possible

– Poor posture

– Little or no exercise

– Constant vibration of truck

– Heredity (you do not inherit hemorrhoids but you may have Uncle Charlie to thank for a genetic tendency toward developing hemorrhoids)

Since constipation is the major factor in the development and aggravation of hemorrhoids, we'll add a few words about the problem. What is constipation anyway? It can be defined as the irregular passage of hard, dry stools. If the bowels do not move in a regular pattern, the fecal matter sits in the colon where it loses water needed to keep it soft and moist.

Often, attempts to pass stool are delayed because the hard, dry stool causes pain and bleeding when it passes. Constipation also invites training and pushing, which in turn causes the dreaded increase in abdominal pressure and the development or aggravation of hemorrhoids.

We've talked before about how to avoid constipation. You need to modify your food and water habits, change your way of “doing business”, and get even a bit of exercise. Hemorrhoids will not go away on their own. They need a bit of TLC and you're the only one who can provide it. You're worth it! We need you! Until next time … happy, hemorrhoid-free truckin '!