Ever heard the word piles or hemorrhoids before? Hemorrhoids are indeed common to man. It can strike almost anyone. Based on statistics, more than half of the population is affected by this medical condition. Sad to say, due to lack of knowledge about the hemorrhoids symptoms and its physiology, there are people who are not aware that they are already suffering from hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are damaged veins around the inside wall of our anus causing inflammation and blood clots. According to medical resources, hemorrhoids has two types – internal and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids have minimal symptoms. For this reason, hemorrhoids sufferers are not aware that they have it. Symptoms like itchy and unrelieved bowel movements are observed in this type of hemorrhoids.

To treat these symptoms, adding fiber in the daily diet can facilitate effective bowel movements. Psyllium husks are high in fiber and it can help prevent constipation as well. It works as a laxative by absorbing water inside the colon and it becomes like a gelatin that aids to facilitate bowel movement. Furthermore, when you are taking fiber you must increase your water intake. Adding fruits in your diet will help to soften your bowel. Other than that, it adds more vitamins in your body. Exercising also helps regulate bowel movement.

Mild cases of internal hemorrhoids can also be treated by different kinds of home remedies. They are also as effective as synthetic medicines that are available in the market today. But unlike synthetic medicines, home remedies are less expensive, has no harmful side effects and they are available right at the convenience of your home.

To avoid training because of constipation, try drinking warm milk or yogurt everyday. Aside from that, drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice without sugar or salt or a teaspoon of apple cider can help improve digestion.

Other than home remedies, there are suppositories for hemorrhoids that are accessible in your leading drug stores and groceries that are effective for treating hemorrhoids symptoms. On the other hand, creams and medicated wipes are indeed beneficial since they are easily absorbed by the skin.

There are other ways to treat internal hemorrhoids such as Rubber Band Legation, Sclerotherapy, Infrared Photocoagulation, Hemorrhoidectomy, Laser Surgery Treatment, Eclectic Current Hemorrhoids Treatment, Liquid Nitrogen or Cryosurgery and etc. These hemorrhoids treatments are for severe cases only which require immediate medical intervention.

Mild cases of external hemorrhoids can be treated the same as internal hemorrhoids however, external hemorrhoids are painful and discomforting. Bleeding may occur and may result itchiness.

Sitz bath and warm bath can help alleviate pain. Aside from that, it may reduce the swapping and it alleviates pain. Just fill the basin with warm water (you may add herbs if you want) and immerse the anus for a few minutes. Ice packs are also effective in relieving the pain and swelling, just apply it directly into the affected area for a few minutes. Moreover, you may try topical creams, medicated wipes and oral medicines for swelling, pain and for abrasions if there's any.

For sever cases of external hemorrhoids, they can be treated through a number of medical procedures, the same as internal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids if detected early can be easily treated with natural remedies and over-the-counter medicines. More importantly, this can be preceded by increasing fiber and water intake and exercising regularly. Assuredly, living a healthy lifestyle is the best prevention for hemorrhoids.