Hemorrhoids removal is applicable to both internal and external hemorrhoids. Having hemorrhoids can be a very uncomfortable experience. The external hemorrhoids can be very touched and cause pain when the sufferer moves around. We should take action to remove these hindrance or else they will be the cause of many unproductive hours of work.

You can choose from among the many conventional ways to remove hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy: This hemorrhoids removal procedure is where the hemorrhoids are cut off surgically and the exposed wound sutured. This method is usually for the third- and fourth- degree hemorrhoids.

Sclerotherapy: For this procedure, a chemical is injected into the hemorrhoids. This procedure will cause the hemorrhoids to shrink and eventually fall off. Scar is formed.

Infrared coagulation uses heat to kill the hemorrhoids tissue. Again scarring is the end result.

Rubber ligation: This step involves using a tight rubber band which is tied around the hemorrhoids. This will cause the blood supply to be cut off. The hemorrhoids will eventually shrink and die off.

The removal of hemorrhoids by natural remedies is the preferred method as this does not involve any surgical intervention. There are many ways to go about this and many of the remedies used are available in your kitchen or the local grocery store.

Use witch hazel as this is a very common astringent. You should always have a ready stock in the house. Witch hazel will cause the swollen blood vessels to shrink. Applying the ingredient three times daily will not cause skin irritation and the symptoms disappear quite quickly.

Pilewort is also good for hemorrhoids treatment and removal as it serves as a tonic theby strengthening the blood vessels. You can take it internally as a tincture.

Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet taken twice daily has been found to help in eliminating hemorrhoids. It helps by strengthening the blood vessels and also as an astringent. Make sure the preparation you consume also have rutin, hespiridin included for added benefits.

Omega 3 capsule 1000 mg can be taken regularly as this supplement sa very effective anti-inflammatory agent. It will reduce injury to the blood vessel surface and helps healing very effectively.

In addition to the above hemorrhoids removal methods, you can also prevent the emergence of hemorrhoids by taking care of your diet. Ensure that you get plenty of fibers in the diet. Sources are mostly found in the fruits and vegetables. Other sources of fibers include psyllium seed and plantain. When you take fibers, they absorb water and add weight to stools for easy defecation. The consumption of these fibers will less likely allow for new hemorrhoids to appear.