Hemorrhoids are a very common aliment that affects about 5% of the population. Despite the pain and inconvenience associated with this malady, hemorrhoids are easily treated without resorting to surgery. There are many home remedies for hemorrhoids that you can adopt to rid yourself of hemorrhoids.

If you just listened to your doctor's advice, most often it is just going under the knife to solve this problem. But why waste your time and money for something that can be done in the comfort of your home? There are also the problems of pain and side effects when you use surgery to treat hemorrhoids. Steps used to remove hemorrhoids medically include hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber ligation and infrared coagulation. At most time, these procedures are associated with pain and the effects of medications, anesthetics and the surgery itself.

For effective home remedies for hemorrhoids , the following are some of the very effective methods:

You must ensure that your diet contain plenty of fibers. Try to avoid sugary or high carbohydrates food. You can easily get the fibers from fruits and vegetables. Fibers are also available from whole grains including rice and oats. These can absorb water and provide watery bulk for the alimentary system. Then the stools will be loose resulting in the absence of training on defecation. The foods that cause constipation include meat, wheat, cheese, eggs and refined grains. Avoid or lessen the intake of these foods.

Make it a habit to drink plenty of water. Man is made of 65% water and then it is very obvious that insufficient intake of water will cause a lot of problem to the body. Allow yourself to consume at least 2 liters of water daily. This will keep you hydrated and ensure stool consistency leading to easy bowel movement.

If you are already down with hemorrhoids, then you can use a sitz bath. Place your buttocks in a basin containing just warm plain water. Submerge the buttocks it the bath for about 20 minutes three times a day. This practice will remove the pain and shrink the hemorrhoids. You can also add Epsom salts or herbal salts into the water but refrain from adding perfumes or soaps as these have been found to cause irritations.

Take supplements including Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet. This supplement will prevent hemorrhoids but just in case you are already down with them, the use of this vitamin will shrink the hemorrhoids in addition to strengthening the blood vessels thereby rendering the vessels resistant to bursting upon training on defecation. Ensure that the preparation also contain the ingredients hesperidin, bioflavoids and rutin. These will assist to shrink the hemorrhoids.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids are becoming the more acceptable methods for hemorrhoids relief. Home remedies are not only cheap, they are also safe to use and very effective.