Hemorrhoids is one disease that no one wants on any day of the year. It's uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes excruciating to bear especially if your work involves sitting your butt all day. There are certainly a lot of causes for these types of cases and one of the most common ones are lack of exercise and poor dieting. Hemorrhoids are essentially the steady build-up of pressure around the veins in the rectal and pelvic area; the pressure causes to gather in the veins around these select areas and that causes it to swell.

Here are a couple of home remedies for hemorrhoids:

  • Applying cold. Using cold compresses are either one of the most accessible treatments to hemorrhoids. This serves to relieve the pain of swelling to reduce the amount of discomfort you face.
  • Topical or Soothing Creams. These types of medication can be bought over the counter at most pharmaceutical chains in your area. They also come in suppository form and are usually water soluble. These types of medication contain anti-swapping agents as well as ingredients that help add to the relief.
  • Add Fiber to Your Diet. Fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables helps in reducing your hemorrhoids by avoiding roughage as you pass stool. Fibrous foods pass through the digestive track without any fuss which greatly reduces the training when passing near the hemorrhoid area. This use of alternative hemorrhoid remedy is particularly great since it not only gives you at a much healthier lifestyle, but it goes a long way to your hemorrhoid recovery.
  • Take a Sitz Bath. Taking a warm bath for 10 to 15 minutes can definitely help alleviate the pain you feel around your anal area. Taking two to three sitz baths a day can pretty much give your recovery a steady improvement.
  • Take Oral Medication. Acetaminophen-based pain relievers like Tylenol and aspirin products can temporarily mediate the pain you feel. Although they are not necessarily help in reducing the swapping, they can however make the pain manageable.
  • Use Pillows or Cushes. If you have a job that demands you sit on for long periods of the day, using pillows can definitely help. It keeps the swollen area well enough from the usual pressures of sitting without sacrificing your comfort.

When it comes to overall treatment of hemorrhoids, the main purpose is to reduce the stress of training the hemorrhoid itself. It's an inherently progressive process and pain management can be difficult, which is why treatment revolves around soothing the area while not worsening the hemorrhoid itself.