Although hemorrhoids are pretty common, still there are people who are unaware that they have it. One possible reason why people ignore the symptoms of hemorrhoids is lack of knowledge. Hemorrhoids symptoms that people should be aware of are itchiness in the anal area, blood in the stool and a small lump or piles in the anal opening. Internal Hemorrhoids are described as a clot formation or swollen veins inside the anus caused by too much pressure. This type of hemorrhoids is usually not painful. People will only notice that they are suffering from hemorrhoids if they felt the pain during bowel movement. Other possible signs of hemorrhoids are bleeding in the stool and protruding blood vessels.

Normally, mild cases of hemorrhoids are treatable even without the risk of going under the knife. Typically, piles and hemorrhoids will go away after a few weeks time and will heal on its own. However, there are cases where the hemorrhoids tend to worsen because of inappropriate and unhealthy habits like sitting and walking for long periods of time, and so on and so forth. Bleeding hemorrhoids are possible. However, make sure that you visit your doctor for consultation and thorough assessment and tests.

Whenever hemorrhoids are swollen, you may try warm baths or sitz baths to alleviate the pain and to reduce swelling. All you need is a small basin filled with warm water. Sit on it, submerging your rectum for a few minutes.

Another immediate relief that you can do at home is placing ice packs on the affected area. It will reduce swapping and temporarily numb the affected region.

There are herbal medicines that you can use that are safe and proven not only to treat the pain but also established to cure the hemorrhoids permanently.

· Aloe Vera is used as topical cream to lessen inflammation and reduce itchiness.
· Comfrey root is also used to less infusion and help hemorrhoids to shrink.
· Phylum husk helps to soften the bowel
· Witch hazel is used to help with swelling, itching and bleeding
· Butcher's broom is used to soften the bowel that prevents constipation
· Horse chestnuts stimulate blood circulation preventing blood clot, lessening the pain and inflammation
· Calendula is used to lessen inflammation and relieves pain. It also has the ability to rejuvenate cells.
· Chickweed soothes and moistens the skin.
· Centella is used to increase blood circulation.
· Birch sap is used as an astringent and antibacterial agent

Internal hemorrhoids are easy to deal with. There are lots of herbal remedies that are proven to be safe, effective and cost – effective. If symptoms are getting worse you need to seek medical advice right away.