Beans are very rich in fiber but most hemorrhoid sufferers shy away from consuming them because they have a bland taste and because they cause excess production of gas.

However, if you know how to cook this high fiber food properly, you can improve its flavor and you can reduce its tension to cause excess gas excretion.

This food item is very rich in fiber and you can make it a very important part of your hemorrhoid diet to relieve constipation and the symptoms of piles.

How can you cook beans correctly?

– The first thing you have to do is to soak the beans in water for at least 24 hours. Put dry beans in a pot and add water up to three times the volume of the dry beans. If they are properly soaked, they should bloat up to about twice or thrice their normal size.

During the time you are soaking the beans, you should occasionally stir the beans with your hands so that the dirty particles inside the beans can float to the surface for easy picking. Soaking of the beans removes the enzymes that cause excess production of gas in the gut thus reducing the excessive bloating, nausea and gas production associated with the consumption of beans.

– After it has been thoroughly soaked, drain the water used to soak and rinse the beans.

– Then pour the soaked and rinsed beans into a pot and add lots of fresh water to it. Add several chopped onions, green bell pepper and several celery stalks to the fresh water and beans.

– Also add one teaspoon of vegetable oil with a pound of smoked sausage and a few bay leaves to the soaked beans.

– Put the pot of soaked beans on the fire and set the cooking fire to moderate intensity. Allow the beans to be thoroughly cooked over three hours. If you allow the beans to cook properly over this long time, quite a number of the beans will be naturally squashed to form a creamy paste with the ingredients in the fresh water.

– Towards the end of these three hours of delicious cooking, you should flavor the beans more by adding oregano, sage, thyme, parsley, Tabasco sauce and pepper to the beans.

– After allowing the beans to cool down, you can put these specially cooked beans in the refrigerator overnight and then eat the cold and sweeter beans the next morning.