This surgical procedure called sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids is most effective when used on small yet inflated hemorrhoids that are on the inner regions of the anus. The great thing about sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids is that it uses a very powerful but not very invasive chemical that actually burns off the inflated hemorrhoid.

When sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids is performed the doc will typically inject a strong chemical into your inlfamed hemorrhoid that will actually kill it. Having this done will cause the inflamed veins to harden up and lose its blood supply and eventually die. Then a nice smooth scar will develop where you used to have your hemorrhoid.

What next?

Until the tissue is 100% dead you will experience small amounts of blood during bowel movements. Do not worry though because the bleeding will eventually stop.

Two more things you need to understand after the sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids surgery:

Do not take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a week before and after the procedure to prevent bleeding during the actual sclerotherapy session to occur.

Because you are suffering with inflated hemorrhoid it is imperative you have easy and smooth passage of your stool each day. Making sure to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains will help this to happen naturally.

Do not strain while defecating.

Any doctor will recommend sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids if:

Home treatments simply do not work.

Rubber band ligation will not work on you because although your hemorrhoids are very painful they are too small.

Prolonged bleeding episodes are happening due to the inflammed and irritated hemorrhoid.

Surgery is not an option because of your advanced years.

Does sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids work that well?

Sclerotherapy for hemorrhoids works wonders for small hemorrhoids.

What are the common side effects that happen?

Just like just about all medical operations, there can be complications so be warned. For your guidance, here are some of them:

If the doctor is not laser accurate when he performs the injection you may have lots of complications that occur because of that. Remember that our anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, so injecting the chemical improperly can result in a sensation of moderate to severe pain.

Developing allergies to the chemical injected.

Wounds developing along the rectal or anal canal.

Prostate trouble.

Prolonged bleeding out of your rear that you can not control any longer.

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