Hemorrhoids are a bothersome affliction that not only causes you pain, but also tampers with your workflow thanks to the discomfort you feel, especially if your job typically consist of sitting on a chair for long periods of time. Although surgery has been proven to be a quick form of hemorrhoid remedies for hemorrhoids, progressive treatments have been known to be less likely for regression cases of hemorrhoids.

Types of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are essentially formed when the nerves around the rectal area, which are typical there to control the passage of the stool, encounterers heavy or continuous pressure. These results in the nerves being press causing them to swell and are painful to the touch. There are essentially two kinds of hemorrhoids depending on the location.

  • External. External hemorrhoids are located just below the dentate line which makes them sometimes visible to the naked eye. This type of hemorrhoid is a substance to skin irritation as well as the noticeable swelling. Since hemorrhoids are prior to thrombosis due to ruptured veins, blot clot develop within this area turning the hemorrhoid thrombosis.
  • Internal. Internal hemorrhoids occurs above the dentate line, causing them to be hidden from view. Unlike external cases of hemorrhoids, these tend to be less painful since there are far less pain receptors above the dentate line. However, since these are strangulated hemorrhoids, there is a tendency to have rectal bleeding or stool that contains blood.


Hemorrhoids can be removed surgically or they can be treated with the use of salves or suppositories.

There are three common ways to surgically remove hemorrhoids, sometimes rubber band ligation, sclerotherpy and the use of lasers. These types of procedures produce good results on hemorrhoid treatment but run the risk of minor complications and chances of incomplete treatment or the reappearance of hemorrhoids after a few weeks of treatment.

Progressive treatment with the use of topical creams, good dieting and constant exercise has proven to be a more effective method. This however may take a slightly longer recovery period since the treatment itself is a graduate one depending on how much adjustment is needed in terms of dieting and proper exercise. This form of treatment concerns itself with reducing the stress or pressure on the hemorrhoid area, so leaving it heal over time.There are also a number of natural remedies and hemorrhoid medication like butcher's broom and witch hazel. These types of medication are known to have a more natural cure to the hemorrhoid in terms of shrinking it and providing pain relief.