Hemorrhoids are an uncomfortable medical condition which will affect approximately half of the adult population at some point in life. Hemorrhoids are also sometimes called piles. This condition reflects to the swilling of the veins around the anus and lower section of the rectum. People with this condition often feel a lot of pain, especially then they are sitting down. You can ease the discomfort from piles by using a non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment.

How to Know if You Have Hemorrhoids

The symptoms of hemorrhoids are very distinct and can be easily identified. They include itching or pain in the anus, bloody stools, and rectal bleeding. If you experience any of these symptoms, especially bleeding of the rectum, do not just assume you have hemorrhoids. Visit a physician in order to get a confirmation because the bleeding could be an indicator of a more serious health issue such as colon cancer. Your doctor can rule out the possibility of cancer through a number of tests including a colonoscopy.

How to Care for the Area Affected by Piles

This may sound obvious, but one effective non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment is to avoid making them worse. Be very gentle when caring for the affected area. After every bowel movement, carefully blot the anus and surrounding area with a dampened towel. You can also use baby wipes to do this.

Since piles can cause itching, it can be very tempting to scratch the affected area. Avoid doing this as it can make the area even more irritated and further aggravate the condition. It is also important to remember to not rub the area.

Instead of wiping yourself after bowels movements, you can get in the shower and cleanse the anal area. When you are finished, gently pat that area dry with a clean towel. Do not use soaps which contain perfumes or dyes.

Bed Rest

If your hemorrhoids are extremely bothersome, you may benefit by spending a prolonged period of time in bed. This will help keep the pressure off of your swollen and irritated veins. You can reduce some of the swelling if you lie on your stomach and keep a pillow under your hips.


Fiber can also be a very effective non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment. According to PubMed Health, fiber foods are a great way to prevent constipation, which can cause excess pressure on the anus during bowel movements. This is why constipation increases a person's risk for piles. You can get fiber by eating fresh vegetables and fruit and whole grains.