If you are currently suffering from a hemorrhoid issue you'll need relief from the discomfort as well as the severe itchiness right away. You will find a number of solutions that you can buy, which will help alleviate the problematic symptoms and will also promote the process of recovery. There is a wide variety of hemorrhoid creams, ointments, suppositories or wipes available in most good pharmacies, which can be both helpful for reducing the unsupportive symptoms or to help you reduce the inflammation of the recto-anal area.

Hemorrhoid creams, ointments and lotions are probably the most well-known products, when it comes to eliminating this condition. They are manufactured to remove most of the soreness generally with a gentle anaesthetic component in addition to antiseptics to help you take care of your inflammation. You will need to begin with a milder type because it is not recommended to use the stronger versions for more than a couple of days due to the side effects and also because you may develop resistance to them. So please start using the milder varieties first and attempt to learn more about how to prevent them, so that when they ever shrink, you will not experience repeated episodes. Prevention is always the best cure even when it comes to dealing with hemorrhoids.

In the priority of pharmacies you can always find a sitz bath, a basin which can be fitted right onto your toilet. By sitting in a sitz bath filled up with luke warm water will help you treat the pain, as this method will increase the blood flow to the problematic area. Otherwise this can be done in your bath by taking frequent warm baths and adding salt to it will further encourage the healing process. The best thing about using a sitz bath is that you can add different aromatherapy oils or salt to it. Salt and many of the well known aromatherapy essential oils have potent antiseptic, antibacterial as well as healing properties. Also, when you use a sitz bath instead of your bath tub you will not need to undress completely and the whole process will take a significantly shorter time.

Hemorrhoid cushions, quite often referred to as inflatable donuts, are an excellent strategy for trying to keep force off of the painful area when you sit down. They will help decrease the inflammation since there will never be as much pressure on the area through the day.