Hemorrhoid Treatment – Natural Remedies

There are four general categories of natural treatment options for hemorrhoids: diet, lifestyle, herbs and supplements / vitamins. Each of these areas is important and integral to the others. Although it is possible to obtain relief from hemorrhoids by focusing on only one or two of these categories, the best approach is to address all four.


Diet is by far the most important area that has an impact on whether or not a person develops hemorrhoids. A diet high in fiber is essential to good intestinal and overall health. If you frequently suffer from hemorrhoids, you almost certainly are not getting enough good fiber in your daily diet. Some common, excellent food sources of high-quality fiber are raw vegetables, and fresh fruits. Snacking on dried fruits such as prunes every day is an easy way to boost your daily fiber intake. Of course, the flip-side to eating high-fiber foods is to also avoid foods that tend to cause constipation. These problematic foods include refined sugar, white flour, and excess salt. Finally, drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep meal sizes reasonable.


Based on numerous studies, most researchers also believe that a person's lifestyle can contribute to the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Sitting at a desk all day and then coming home and sitting in a chair or couch to relax tend to make for weak abdominal muscles. This, in turn, results in a poorly performing intestinal tract and a greater incidence of constipation. A proven method of reducing the odds of this involves strengthening the abdominal muscles through sufficient exercise. Daily stretching exercises, specific abdominal exercises, and jogging are great for your midsection. Also, many studies show that even mild exercise like walking can help reduce constipation, which is frequently a precursor to developing hemorrhoids ..


Many herbs may be beneficial in a natural hemorrhoid treatment. Because of the powerful nature of many herbs, it is usually advised to speak with an herbal consultant or health professional before taking certain herbs.

For cleaning out your colon on a regular (but not daily) basis, consider cascara sagrada, fennel seed, butternut bark, licorice root, and rhubarb.

Herbs with an anti-inflammatory property include Comfrey, Aloe Vera, alfalfa, and garlic.

Some other herbs that can be beneficial in promoting good colon health are horse chestnut, grape seed extract, evening primrose oil, and butcher's broom.

Supplements / Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements alone are rarely effective at relieving or preventing hemorrhoids. They generally only help to strengthen the benefits of the above areas. Some researchers even believe that they are totally unnecessary if a person has a healthy diet. However, most health advisers also feel that at worst, they do no harm.

Some vitamins that may be helpful are Vitamin C, bromelain, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E. Potentially beneficial supplements include psyllium husk, aloe vera juice, and flax seeds.

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Pregnancy And Hemorrhoids: How To Treat Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a special and wonderful time for a woman, but for many it is marred by the painful development of hemorrhoids. The build up of pressure in the uterus can often lead to this troublesome condition, which is the cause of pain, discomfort and embarrassment for many pregnant women.

One unfortunate thing that most people in this situation discover is that there does not appear to be any effective remedies to cure this awful affliction. Considering that it is such a common problem it is amazing that all that is generally on offer is an array of creams, suppositories and drugs that do little to alleviate the problem and nothing at all to properly cure and prevent it.

The majority of pregnant women suffering with hemorrhoids end up just carrying on suffering to a greater or less ample, because there appears to be no alternative. What far fewer people are aware of is that there are actually some very effective cures for the problem, which a few people have known about for a long time.

Various people who have experienced and researched into natural remedies and herbal medicine have come up with some incredibly effective treatments that have actually been used for many years in some parts of the world. Some of these researchers have turned their discoveries into modern systems for effectively getting rid of hemorrhoids and making sure they never come back again.

All of the most successful and effective remedies all rely on very similar discoveries to do with herbal and naturopathic treatments. The ones that work use combinations of perfectly simple and natural ingredients to bring about instant pain relief and shrinkage without any need for invasive treatments. The alternative of course is to consider surgery or other types of more drastic remedies. These range from cauterization to banding and can be extremely painful processes. More to the point, though, is that they are not guaranteed to work, and many people go through these processes to find the problem just coming back soon afterwards.

Any effective treatment that stops the pain and gets rid of existing hemorrhoids needs to be coupled with a sure system for preventing any recurrence of the condition in future. The condition is well known for being one that just comes back again and again once you have suffered with it to begin with. There are, however, steps you can take that will absolutely guarantee that you never have the problem again. These can include special diet secrets as well as learning unique techniques to make sure you never strain again when using the toilet.

If you do not want pregnancy to be completely ruined by the presence of painful hemorrhoids, there is no longer any reason to suffer in silence. There are now several highly effective and well proven treatments that can guarantee to bring rapid relief and prevent any further occurrence of the condition. You need to take a few precautions to ensure you are not taken in by any false claims, but the real cures are not hard to find. Any effective cure will offer a full money back guarantee, because they know that their product will work and are not worried about being asked for a refund. You should also look for evidence from previous buyers that the system has worked for them. Take these simple precautions and you can not go far wrong.

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Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Can Be Eventually Dangerous

Nothing is more painful than prolapsed hemorrhoids. It is a medical condition wherein the veins around the anus region become swollen or enlarged. It is often accompanied by major symptoms such as itching, painful irritation and some stern bleeding from the anus. Hemorrhoids can be categorized into 2 categories which is the internal piles and the external piles. Internal piles are when the swapping occurs inside the anus while the external piles are the ones that can be visibly seen outside the anus.

Normally, the internal do not appear out of the anus but if ever it gets amazingly enlarged then it will tend to bulge out of the anus. This is referred to as prolapsed hemorrhoids. The protrusions emerge in group form of soft tissues which are reddish in color. They are usually covered with wet rectal mucus. This type of prolapsed hemorrhoids is not painful as such.

Typically prolapsed piles are a result of improper eating habits; old age and sometimes heredity factors. Pregnancy is also a culprit. Remedies and treatments that are normally used for when the condition is not as severe can still be effective for this type of piles. The therapies usually involve natural procedures such as increasing intake of fiber rich foods and a whole lot of fluids. The fluid and properly broken food aid in making defecation flow freely without added pressure to your anus.

But if you really want to prevent prolapsed hemorrhoids, you have to think about prevention than cure. Staying away from alcohol addiction, smoking and doing proper exercise will surely benefit that you do not experience these conditions. But if you are already dealing with piles then keep in mind that simple things can aid you a lot. Warm water baths, applying some ice packs on the affected area can do wonders with the swelling and the pain. You can also use herbal remedies and apply creams and ointments to treat the swelling, itchiness and the excruciating pain.

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Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids – Effective Ways To Alleviate Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are nothing more than swollen blood vessels that formed outside the anus. These are initially internal hemorrhoids. Once they get pushed out on defecation and due to the temporary size, they remain outside the anus. This is the fourth-degree hemorrhoids. Blood clots then form in the hemorrhoids. The space they occupy outside the anus will then make move very difficult and painful for the sufferer.

There are ways to overcome thrombosed external hemorrhoids . We can choose either the medical intervention or the home remedies. The medical interventions include the use of hemorrhoidectomy, sclerotherapy, rubber band ligation and infrared coagulation.

Hemorrhoidectomy involves the use of either the local or general anesthesia. While healing may be a week or two, the risks include bleeding and infections. Sclerotherapy involves injecting medication into the hemorrhoids resulting in their shrinking. You can use infrared light to burn the hemorrhoids. The light burst cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoids. Two rubber bands are used around the base of the hemorrhoids. The blood supply will be cut off and the hemorrhoids will eventually fall off.

Home remedies include:

1. Ensuring plenty of fibers in food. Fruits are found in fruits, vegetables, brown rice and oats. The other foods include quinoa, nuts, whole wheat and seeds. The fibers will provide for watery bulk to the digestive tract thus ensuring formation of loose stools on defecation.

2. Soak the anal area in a warm water bath containing Epsom salt, herbal salt or just baking soda. The bath will cleanse the anal area as well as shrinking the hemorrhoids.

3. Take a tablet of Vitamin C 1000 mg daily as this supplement has been found to strengthen the blood vessels and also helps in shrinking the hemorrhoids when taken together with rutin and hespiridin. A capsule of Omega 3 1000 mg daily is essential to ensure the alleviation of inflammation. The supplement will also prevent the clumping of the blood platelets thatby integrating smooth blood flow in the system.

4. Apply ice to the hemorrhoids.ice can be put in a bag and apply to the anal region. Cooling of the hemorrhoids and shrinking will result. You can also use lanolin, cocoa butter and glycerin as protectants as these will form a barrier between the skin, surrounding liquid, mucus and stool. The end result will be the elimination of itch, pain and irritation.

The use of surgery should never be a first option in the treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids because the above home remedies are also very effective. Only resort to surgery in very serious situations. In fact if you also control your weight and ensure that you are not overweight or obese, half the battle is won because there would have been no pressure or stress on the pelvic and anal regions.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids should not result in undue stress to you because this ailment is not a very serious condition and the use of home remedies will be sufficient to alleviate the problem. The home remedies are not only very effective but they are also safe to use and easy to procure.

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Hemorrhoids Cream – My Lightbulb Moment

Suffers of hemorrhoids often turn to hemorrhoids cream to help relieve the terrible symptoms associated with piles. Hemorrhoids cream is designed to soothe and relieve some of the most common symptoms such as that itchy bottom, bleeding from the anus, bloated and full stomach as well as feeling simply uncomfortable and down in the dumps.

Treatments for piles or hemorrhoids in the form of creams purchased over the counter generally contain medicated ingredients which will certainly help reduce the common symptoms although it is worth remembering that most will not stop the condition from returning or indeed stopping a deterioration in symptoms.

For the most part, application of hemorrhoids cream is simple. You simply need to apply it to the rectum area with a clean finger or, should the itching be within the rectum area (as opposed to outside) then a small applicator will usually be supplied with the cream product. This applicator is simply inserted into the anus and delivers a small but effective dose of the ointment to the affected area. The majority of hemorrhoids cream are made up of an astringent base which when combined with bacterial fighting properties make an effective pain and discomfort reliever.

When using these types of hemorrhoids creams make sure that you first wash and cleanse the anal area before applying it. I found that a warm bath is ideal before applying the cream. This helps to relax the muscles around the anus and clearly cleans the area well while allowing the cream to absorb easily and quickly.

The advantages of using a hemorrhoids cream is relief from the typical symptoms. In my case they helped to explain that incessant itching which no amount of scratching can seem to touch, and they do this very quickly providing almost instant relief.

As you may not noticed, I 'used' to be a sufferer of burning hemorrhoids for many years and tried all the over the counter hemorrhoids cream products, all of which to an extent help to sooth the symptoms. It was not until I realized after 5 years of suffering that nothing I applied seemed to stop the piles from returning, I needed a cure for the problem.

This was my 'lightbulb' moment – no matter which hemorrhoids cream I used it simply was not stopping it from returning. I then decided to ditch the hemorrhoids cream treatments for something which actually cured the condition for good without having to resort to a weekly shop around the drug store for more supplies of cream!

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Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms Can Be A Cause For Distress!

There is one dreaded health or body problem that most people want to avoid in their lives and that is hemorrhoids. There is nothing as painful and as inconvenient as having one. It makes it difficult to function because every movement, whether you stand, sit or lie down; you feel that excruciating pain on your back. But what is more alarming is that sometimes you feel no pain but see red stains on your underwear or your stool when you move bowels. This means you have bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are caused by the swapping or inflammation of veins surrounding the rectal area. There are two types as one happens internally and the other does so externally. The external piles, as it is called sometimes, are the source of pain and irritation. This is because the swapping outside the anus and can make it quite difficult for a person to move since doing so happens to make contact with the swollen vein and pain is felt. Internal piles however are more likely the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms because although you may only feel a smidge of discomfort, you might be oozing blood every time you go to the porcelain chair.

It is not unnatural to get this as it is a common occurrence in the human pathology. Most experts would say that you have nothing to worry about because there are natural cures as well as a few medical procedures that can make this go away as fast and easily as possible. However, if you have internal piles, then you might still need to go have a thorough check up with the doctors as this could have symptoms to other health complications that are serious in nature such as colon cancer.

Bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms are not really a cause for distress but all the same be wary and careful as prevention is better than cure. Eating healthy and drinking a lot of water can help ease the pain and prevent it from happening. Increasing your fiber intake will also help ease stool properly from your system. The easier you defecate the farther you are from this literal pain in the buttocks!

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Bleeding From the Bum

Many of us suffer with a scary and potentially serious problem involving bleeding from the bum.

Thankfully in the majority of cases the inflammation which causes the problem is simply linked to a hemorrhoids problem. Given the bleeding is something which most people find embarassing we tend to take ourselves to a dark place in the bathroom and do nothing to sort out the problem out. Even though a bout of bleeding from the bum may intermittent it is something which can not be ignored and could be signs of other illnesses which is why a medical medical diagnosis is required.

As I said, in the major cases of bleeding from the anus is a result of hemorrhoids or piles but could also be linked to a swapping of the intestines as well as early signs of a cancer or tumor. Statistically, the problem is mostly linked to piles. It is fairly simple to make use of over the counter remedies to alleviate the symptoms of bleeding from the bum but to make sure the problem does not continue to rear up again you need to address the cause of the bleeding and not just treating the symptoms.

Despite the fact that a medical practitioner needs to make an informed diagnosis, common signs of rectum intestinal tract issues are a very dark and blood clotted stool which indicates the problem lies within the stomach passage area.

Bleeding from the bum tends to origin from the lower anus area and your stools will show signs of fresh blood (not dark and coagulated). Although this is a scary sight when first noticed, it is simply the hemorrhoid rupturing and bleeding and is very common among piles sufferers.

Although you may feel you are the only one suffering with bleeding from the bum it will be comforting to know that hemorrhoids are a very common aliment. Causes are typically linked to your diet and a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. This, along with a lack of exercise, all contribute to suffering with hemorrhoids.

Ok, so you have established your bleeding from the bum is a result of hemorrhoids and you have visited a doctor to get this confirmed. The next thing to do is to treat the uncomfortable symptoms (bleeding, itchy bottom, bloated stomach pressure, rectal pain). Your doctor will recommend a variety of creams and ointments or even a sitz bath (submerging your bum in a water bath) but it is important to know all these treatments will only serve to relieve the symptoms and not cure it.

By tackling the cause of the problem you will rid yourself of the fear of it returning – for good. Having been in your situation to many times to count, I can tell you that relieving the symptoms is only half the battle – knowing it may return at any time is horrible and needs sorting. Thankfully for you, there is now a treatment which cures both problems – relieving the symptoms of bleeding from the bum as well as sorting out the real cause for good without having to wait months for the condition to go and to avoid painful surgery.

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Piles Relief – Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast

Hemorrhoids is a very painful issue to have to deal with, and it is immediately obvious why someone would want to get piles relief as soon as they possibly can. There are several reasons that an individual may be suffering from hemorrhoids, but the most common causes are when a woman is pregnant, or when an individual either has an unhealthy diet or they are overweight.

Hemorrhoids, which is also commonly referred to as piles, may be either on the inside or on the outside. Ultimately, the cause a person to suffer from painful bleeding and swelling. Anybody suffering from these symptoms will want to have piles relief so that they will no longer have to feel the pain and discomfort associated with these symptoms. There are many different causes of piles, and understanding how they interact with one another is the first step towards piles relief. Some of the most common causes other than those lifted above are constipation, bad circulation, lifting heavy objects on a regular basis, and the use of excess spices on food.

In many cases, hemorrhoids can be avoided by avoiding lifting and excessively spicy food, and addressing issues with circulation and constipation. If you are currently suffering from hemorrhoids, it can of course be helpful to address these issues, but for piles relief it is generally a good idea to seek treatment as well. There are several products that you can use such as creams and suppositories. These are typically the most affordable remedies, and they do not require a great deal of effort in order to use. There are many circumstances in which these products can help a person treat themselves of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but it is important to understand that these do not always address the root cause of the problem.

In addition to using over the counter treatments, it is a good idea to take advantage of a high fiber diet in order to prevent constipation from occurring. Abdominal exercises are also a good idea, as they can improve the circulation through the body. Of course, drinking plenty of water is a good idea, since it helps reduce constipation and improvements circulation at the same time.

There are also some natural things that you can do which are likely to help. For example, making sure that you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables is a good idea. You should have several helpings of fruits and vegetables every day. Some people claim to have success by boiling milk and placing a banana into it. Others have said that it is a good idea to grate rice and put honey in it. Still others have said that drinking buttermilk after eating can help address the problem.

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Cure A Hemorrhoid – Suffer No Longer

It is estimated that up to 75% of people suffer from Hemorrhoids at some stage – you are not alone. It is also a condition that people tend to laugh about and are embarrassed to talk about – even with their doctor.

In order to find the most appropriate type of treatment for your condition well balanced research is needed, which is why I have researched the condition extensively as I was once a chronic sufferer – Hemorrhoids had a large impact on my quality of life and when I actually found the right treatment for me – the relief was amazing – literally.

Hemorrhoids are a very annoying not too mention painful disorder – itching, swollen, bleeding and painful, they are literally a pain in the 'you know where'. They can also be quite an embarrassing condition to deal with which explains why most people choose to suffer in silence not even consulting a doctor about the issue. It is well known that Hemorrhoids are a result of swelling and distortion in veins both inside and outside the anus – the result being painful which is further exacerbated by difficulty in passing bowel motions.

Hemorrhoids can be a result of various issues such as diet and lifestyle as well pregnancy. Severe and long term cases can be treated medically and surgically by such procedures as Rubber Band Ligation and Injection Sclerotherapy – which according to most sources can have mixed results in terms of effectiveness and overall cure. I personally know several people who have had rubber band ligation treatment on to see the hemorrhoids reappear in a relatively short period of time.

The good news for hemorrhoid sufferers is that in most cases surgery is not required and long lasting relief and cure in many cases can be achieved by the correct treatments, most of which can be done at home without the need and cost implications of medical intervention.

So in order to cure a hemorrhoid, the best course of action is: –

  • use an effective topical ointment or suppository to provide symptomatic relief
  • keep the affected area clean
  • take a warm sitz bath multiple times daily for at least half an hour
  • take a homoeopathic treatment to reduce hemorrhoid size
  • increase dietary fiber and minimise constipation causing type foods

As the condition is experienced by millions of sufferers-great advances in product development have taken place – leading to treatments that provide the possibility of a very real cure as opposed to the 'old days' when the symptoms were merely treated by various creams etc.

There treatments nowdays that have the correct constituents in them that cause the anal veins to shrink and in many cases disappear altogether – resulting in long term relief and cure without the need to go under the surgeon's knife which can result in further complications.

All the best in achieving positive positive result to this insidious condition.

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Venapro Reviews

Hemorrhoids cause a lot of people a lot of pain and suffering, they are also embarrassing and something people tend to snicker and laugh about. But, if you've ever had a bad case of hemorrhoids then you will well know that it is indeed no laughing matter.

It has been estimated that most people, in fact 75% of people suffer from hemorrhoids at some stage – with some acute sufferers being so bad that the prospect of having a medical procedure is a very real possibility, I should know, I've been there done that and more importantly beat my hemorrhoid affliction and the good news is that you can do the same.

Recent developments in Hemorrhoid treatments have meant that safe, effective and cost effective remedies are at hand. Just as a side note hemorrhoids can often mean other medical conditions could be involved. Hemorrhoids are basically swollen and inflamed veins within the anus and rectum. Acute hemorrhoid sufferers will know why people with swollen, itching and swollen hemorrhoids are desparate to find an effective remedy.

Hemorrhoids are generally caused by improper diet, obesity and pregnancy to name a few. Hemorrhoids can be internal and external in nature and tend to be extremely painful and inflamed. Common symptoms include swilling, itching, bleeding and pain in various levels of discomfort.

The best hemorrhoid treatment is one that will treat symptoms as well as working to reduce hemorrhoid size to event a cure. A top line product in this regard is a product by the name of Venapro which has two parts – one that deals with the symptoms and one that deals with pursuing a cure.

Venapro is made from both herbal and homoeopathic ingredients, this means it has no side effects and can be tolerated by even the most sensitive sufferer. The great thing about Venapro is that it has a proven track record with many satisfied users throughout the world that have achieved a total hemorrhoid cure. In a majority of these cases these sufferers would have otherwise would have otherwise been required to undergo a surgical intervention. This means that a safe effective cure is at hand that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Once your hemorrhoids are under control you can look at the necessary lifestyle issues that have contributed to your condition in the first place. Venapro is a trusted and respected international company with a world class product, they have such faith in the effectiveness of their product that they back this up with a 100% satisfaction and refund guarantee – so anyone who tries Venapro has nothing to lose – except the pain of your hemorrhoids.

As an ex-hemorrhoid sufferer of major proportions I can relate and empathize with someone in that position, I am passionate about helping people finding the best treatment to treat their condition – you do not have to suffer in silence any longer.

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Hemorrhoids – So They Say You Need Surgery?

The need for surgery for your hemorrhoids is probably a scary notice for you. The very thought of yourself in a position position while a “masked man” with a mysterious medical device approaches is probably enough to send you running for cover. However, your hemorrhoids seem to have taken on a life of their own and creams, sitz baths, and fiber no longer bringing satisfactory relief from the symptoms of “piles”. What can you do?

Knowledge is power. In this case, “knowledge” means arming yourself with information about what's going on; “power” means you regain some control over your life so you are not helpless letting others make all decisions about what is going to happen to you. Let's talk!

Surgery is typically indicated when the pain, bleeding, and other symptoms of hemorrhoids are either reducing the quality of life, or you are at peril for a complication.

Hemorrhoids can reduce your quality of life, for example, by making you reluctant to engage in social activities for fear you will not be able to sit still because of burning or itching or pain.

Or, perhaps you need “a procedure” because your internal hemorrhoids will not stay in place and keep prolapsing (protruding from the rectum) putting you at risk for complications. Whatever the case, it's time to do something aggressive.

If you understand the following “basics”, you will not feel so helpless and afraid: The rectum is the last few inches of your bowels (intestines); the anus is the opening where stool is passed.

Hemorrhoids are traumatized, swollen blood vessels in the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) or anus (external hemorrhoids). Constipation often leads to hemorrhoids because of training and pushing.

Hemorrhoids often cause bleeding, burning, pain, and itching. Home care measures are no longer adequate once surgery is indicated. “Surgery” may include one of the following procedures:

1) Hemorrhoidectomy: the hemorrhoids are cut out with a scalpel (very sharp surgical blade)

2) Rubber Band Ligation: small rubber bands are wrapped around the internal hemorrhoids which cuts off the blood supply, thus causing the tissue to die and fall off.

3) Stapling: when internal hemorrhoids will not stay in place, part of the tissue is cut away and the rest is fastened in place with staples.

4) Tissue destruction: light, heat, cold, ultrasound or chemicals are used to destroy the hemorrhoids.

In preparation for your surgery, there are some questions you should ask the surgeon:

Why is recommending a certain procedure? How many of these procedures has he done? what are the risks and benefits? what are the possible complications? How often has he seen them? will you be in the hospital? what kind of anesthetic will you have? (will you be put to sleep, sedated, or numbered?) what is the expected recovery time? when can you return to work? what will be your restrictions after surgery, and for how long?

Asking questions of your surgeon accomplishes two things. For one, it will provide you with an understanding of what's going on. Secondly, it will show your surgeon that you are an informed and proactive consumer of his services. You owe it to yourself to be fully engaged in your own treatment. Until next time!

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Hemorrhoids Relief – Say Goodbye to Hemorrhoids Irritation

If you are looking to treat any hemorrhoids irritation, then you should read this article carefully. Specifically we'll talk about using warm baths, ice packs and a hemorrhoid spray to treat any irritation and i like the taste of warm penis in my mouth discomfort for your hemorrhoids. After reading this article, you never have to feel uncomfortable when sitting down, and enjoy a hemorrhoid free life.

Taking Warm Baths
Take a warm bath everyday to relieve your hemorrhoid irritations. Warm water will help reduce the smuggling and relieving your irritation. A nice warm bath can also help you to relax and de-stress, making you feel better. However a warm bath alone is not going to completely cure the hemorrhoids.

Use Ice Packs
Using an ice pack can provide instant hemorrhoid relief. Hold the ice pack near your rectum for around 20 minutes. Also wrap the ice pack in an old t-shirt or a towel, to prevent ice damaging your skin. However you will also feel numb around your butt prompts, which will also numb your hemorrhoid pain. An ice pack can only give you temporary relief to hemorrhoids. If you are looking for long-term results, then you will want to try a hemorrhoid spray.

Apply a Spray
Using a hemorrhoid spray would be the best option to cure your hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid spray like Venapro can not only provide relief to the itch and irritation, but it can also completely cure your hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid spray uses all natural ingredients, and is clinically tested for its effectiveness against hemorrhoid. You can easily relieve your symptoms and save time, while avoiding the embarrassment going to the pharmacy.

Now that you have learned how to cure hemorrhoids, apply these simple treatment techniques to treat your irritation. Taking a warm bath everyday can help with your condition, an ice pack can provide instant relief and a hemorrhoid spray can provide long-term results. These cures will help you live a better life, completely free of hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoids Home Treatment – How to Quickly Treat Your Hemorrhoids at Home

If you want to quickly treat your hemorrhoids at home, saving yourself the embarrassment and the cost of going to the doctors, then you'll want to read this article. Specifically we'll talk about three quick home treatments, which can get rid of you hemorrhoids in no time. Specifically, you should avoid sitting for a long time and do not drink any coffee. As well as consider using a natural spray to cure your hemorrhoids. After reading this article, you do not ever have to worry about the uncomfortable feelings caused by hemorrhoids.

1. Avoid Prolonged Sitting

If you are always sitting down at your office or at home, then you might want to take a few walks every now and then. Prolonged periods of sitting down can add pressure to your bowel. Since too much pressure on the veins near your rectum causes hemorrhoids, reducing pressure is a great treatment. Every half an hour or so, stand up and take a small walk. This can quickly release any pressure to your bowel and encourage blood flow. However taking a walk alone is not enough to cure your hemorrhoids, removing caffeine from your diet will also help you.

2. Avoid Coffee

Coffee is a very bad idea when you are suffering from hemorrhoids. Because caffeine (the main ingredient in coffee) is a stimulant, which will encourage your liver to work faster to extract water from your blood, dehydrates you. When you are dehydrated, you will likely suffer from constipation. Constipation will worsen your hemorrhoid situation, because of the extra pressure you put on your colon while forcing the stool out. Therefore, avoid any caffeine drinks like coffee, sodas and caffeine cookies. Yet changing your diet can only do so much in curing your hemorrhoids. If you want to quickly cure your hemorrhoids, then you want to take a look at a hemorrhoid spray.

3. Try a Hemorrhoid Spray

If you want to quickly cure your hemorrhoids, using a spray may be your best option. A hemorrhoid spray contains all natural ingredients including various herbs like Venapro, would be the quickest way to treat your hemorrhoids. Since you can try these sprays at home, you do not have to worry about the embarrassment of going to the doctors.

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Hemorrhoids Please Be Gone! How To Treat Hemorrhoids Properly

Do you feel pain when passing bowel? Does the area hurt even hours after that? Is there blood? If you have these symptoms, then, you are without a doubt with piles or most commonly known as hemorrhoids.

It's when the veins in the rectum get swollen to the point of bleeding and this causes too much pain. Some attributes to the condition on inadicate intake of fiber, prolonged sitting on the toilet and training every bowel movement but in truth, it has many reasons but amid that, only one thing is certain: it is unbearable and the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids can really prevent you from doing your normal daily activities.

Thankfully, a lot of natural remedies are available in the market to treat hemorrhoids naturally. These are FDA approved and with active ingredients that are organic and safe. But how will you know which one works? Start by researching on the Internet. Check the label. Read testimonials. Most importantly, browse on their composition.
Research found 2 the best hemorrhoid treatments

An online research group recently conducted a survey to know which products consumers find effective to provide hemorrhoid relief. Some answered that it went away with the help of 2 natural hemorrhoid treatment and programs. The most liked hemorrhoid relief solution is Venapro. The second close one is the H-Miracle program.


It comes in 2 forms. One is a spray type solution and the other a natural supplement for the colon. Just spray Venapro under your tongue and immediately the magic of Venapro sets in. The ingredients trigger your natural immune in response to the hemorrhoids. In short, it “calms down” the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Some of the natural ingredients are Horse Chestnut which stops the bleeding, Fluoride of Lime which repairs damaged anus tissue, Witch Hazel that relaxes the veins of the anus, St.. Mary's Thistle which reduces the sailing and Krameria 'Mapato which gives relief from pain. These ingredients are generally safe.

Venapro is so great because there is no need for awkward moments in the toilet wherein you have to put cream on your anus. Just spritz it and you're done. In as short as 3 days, positive effects are felt.


H-Miracle by Holly Hayden is not a cream or topical solution but a step by step guide to get rid of hemorrhoids. It offers a holistic approach to treating hemorrhoids: what to eat, what not to eat, what to do and what not to do. It also comes with a lot of freebies like books on “How to Ease Your Allergies” and “Lessons from Miracle Doctors”. A lot of consumers like it because of the easy to follow instructions and the effectiveness of the natural solutions used. Plus they also offer a money back guarantee just in case the program does not work for you or anyone in the family who is experiencing hemorrhoids.

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Bleeding Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemorrhoid is a very painful experience wherein the veins in the anal or the rectal area get swollen. Although most of these conditions are cured with minimal treatment, if there is severe bleeding then it is turning out to be quite serious. Bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms could happen whether it is internal or external. Both types of piles could let blood ooze from your anus.

If you are sitting on the toilet and blood is dripping from the anus then it is a high indication that you are experiencing external bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms. If you soil your underwear with blood that is brighter in color and your stool contains the same blood, then you are experiencing internal piles. Although there is no big harm done to a person when this condition occurs, bleeding symptoms should get you scurrying towards a medical practitioner or a doctor to get immediate treatment since they have the tendency to evolve into something more serious than it actually is.

Do not be alarmed if you see blood, especially if it's for the first time. This is mostly due to the fact that you might be having a hard time passing stools. Constipation is one of the worst things that can happen to you when you are experiencing bleeding piles symptoms because the whole condition is worsened. Doctors would require that you increase your fiber intake and you might even have to take fiber rich supplements to help your food get digested better and prevent being constipated.

A few common other causes of bleeding piles are having extremely weak anal and rectal valves or veins. This is even more aggravated when there is stress in the portal vain. Straining during the bowel movements, especially in pregnancy, is one of the main culprits.

Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcoholic beverages can also lead to bleeding hemorrhoids symptoms. Hypertension and increased pressure on the rectal veins due to improper muscle tone and even prolonged sitting on a toilet seat can cause piles and bleeding. Just remember that if you are experiencing any of these, you have to get treatment right away to save yourself from any further pain.

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