How to Treat Hemorrhoids: Easy Remedies and Solutions

Statistics disclose that more than 11 million people in United States alone suffer from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are often known as 'piles.' Despite being a very common problem, most of the people do not get them grateful unless they tend to interfere with their activities of daily living. Caused by increased pressure on the veins of the rectal or anal area, hemorrhoids are veryothersome to the sufferers. They can significantly affect a person's ability to stand, sit, and sometimes even walk.

Most common hemorrhoid symptoms include swelling, itching, bleeding, pain, burning sensation, and general discomfort. Based on their location, there are two categories of hemorrhoids. External Hemorrhoids are the ones that are located at the opening of the rectum or anus. On the other hand, Internal Hemorrhoids are located inside the anal canal. Most of the people who suffer from on and off constipation or dirrhea, have faulty eating habits, or tend to stand / sit for long periods of time have tendency to develop hemorrhoids.

If you too have been suffering from the discomfort and pain of hemorrhoids and wish to discover safe and easy ways on how to treat hemorrhoids, here are a few helpful remedies for you:

i) Drink plenty of fluids, especially clear water. Drinking eight glasses of water a day can keep constipation away which is the major cause of strain to the rectal muscles. Plenty of water also helps to make soft stools that are easy to pass.

ii) Avoid refined or processed foods as they have a very low fiber content. Eat a high bran diet and introduce fruits, vegetables, and whole grain snacks to your diet.

iii) It is important not to spend too much time sitting on the toilet seat. It strains the anal muscles. Go to excrete when nature calls. Postponing the bowel movements also make the stools harden and dry up.

iv) If you suffer from hemorrhoids, avoid or minimize the use of toilet paper. It may irritate the skin tags. Use baby wipes or warm water jet from bidet to cleanse the area.

v) Cut on alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks.

vi) Use ice packs for 20 minutes up to four times a day on the inflated and painful area. This will help soothe the discomfort.

vii) Keep the anal area clean and dry.

viii) Use sitz baths regularly to help reduce the inflammation. This reflects to immersing the rectal area in lukewarm water for 15-20 minutes.

Fortunately, in majority of the cases, hemorrhoids tend to self-heal or resolve by these home remedies. In cases where hemorrhoids do not respond to home remedies and progress to the point where they tend to get thrombosed, going for invasive measures becomes necessary. However, by treating them at their initial stages, you can save yourself from the discomfort, pain, and frustration.

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What Are Causes of Hemorrhoids

What causes hemorrhoids? Straining during bowel movement causes the swelling of veins in your rectum. If you notice that training happens often to you, you are likely to develop both internal and external hemorrhoids. The condition is discomforting, particularly external hemorrhoids, which will make sitting difficult to do.

Swollen Veins

As explained in the paragraph above, hemorrhoids happened when your veins swell. In medical circles, it can be described as cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels. This can happen because of many factors. Often, what causes hemorrhoids is training when passing stools. Or, it may also be caused by pregnancy, anal intervention, extended periods of standing on your feet, weight, and age.

Avoid Hard Bowel Movement

Constipation is what causes hemorrhoids. It also worsens the condition because of swollenness, pain, and bleeding. The solution, therefore, would be to soften your stool by eating a fiber-filled diet and plenty of fluids. Those who experience severe pains may choose to lubricate the anus with petroleum jelly. You may gently apply the petroleum jelly into your anus using a cotton swab.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Because of more pressure and weight on the lower part of the body during pregnancy, pregnant women may also develop hemorrhoids. Prescribed vitamins that can cause constipation, such as iron, may also cause this. In some cases, hemorrhoids are also developed because of training during childbirth. In both cases, consult your doctor for advice.

Prevention and Treatment

To reduce the pressure and strain, it would be helpful to use a stool to elevate your feet while sitting on the toilet. Swelling and pain can also be reduced by taking Ibuprofen. However, you'll have to make sure that other medications do not contra-indicate it. Witch hazel or Preparation H ointment can also help with external hemorrhoids.

Another solution to the pain while sitting down would be to use a “donut,” which is something you can sit on to relieve your buttocks and reduce pressure. For relief, you can also soak yourself in a tub with warm water or use a sitz bath.

Chamomile tea can have a soothing effect. An herb called horse chestnut can also be used by applying it to the hemorrhoid to treat pain and itchiness. You can try out any of these suggestions. While it's important to know what causes hemorrhoids, it's equally significant to know how to treat them. If you are not sure then the best option for you is go and see your doctor first.

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How Effective Are Natural Remedies For Curing Hemorrhoids?

Irritated hemorrhoids can make life hell, these can cause severe pain during bowel movements, bleed and can restrict physical activity; use of effective natural remedies for curing hemorrhoids is safe and quick treatment to the problem. Due to presence of toxins, chemicals and other harmful matter in the waste matter these get irritated and inflamed, also due to pressure like women have during pregnancy or due to constipation these can swell up and pain and bleed to create depressing problem. Natural remedies for curing hemorrhoids are very effective as these naturally affect the causes of the problem and also side by side treat the symptoms to provide immediate relief and long lasting cure.

Anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medications are recommended in allopathic treatment to reduce pain and inflammation, this is just patch work and not a cure to the problem. Person gets a temporary relief and problem resurfaces in no time once again. Herbs treat root cause of the problem, these reduce quantity of substances in the waste matter which irritate hemorrhoids and also protect them from getting bruised and scratched due to hard feces by softening the fecal matter.

White radish juice is one of the very effective natural remedies for curing hemorrhoids. White rice juice contains vital minerals like calcium, copper, potassium and folic acid which are very useful in curing constipation and facilitating smooth digestion and bowel movements. These properties help in curing swelled and irritated hemorrhoids very effectively and provide quick cure to the problem.

Turnip juice is another very effective herbal remedy in curing hemorrhoids and it is widely used and recommended. Turnip juice also contains rich sources of vital nutrients which supplement the body cells and stimulate metabolism. Turnip juice consumed after mixing with watercress, carrot or spinach juice supplement the body with calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K, folic acid and lutein. All of these are wonderful supplements to improve digestion, flush harmful chemicals out of the system and provide smooth and easy bowel movements to work as effective herbal remedy in curing hemorrhoids.

Bitter gourd juice is boon for improving liver functioning by protecting it from harmful effects of stressors. This juice is also recommended as effective herbal remedy in curing hemorrhoids. Blending bitter gourd with buttermilk to prepare a glass of makeup and consuming two glasses of it everyday for three months is a sure treatment to the problem. This improves function of liver for proper digestion and toxin free system which provides long lasting relief from the problem. The paste of bitter gourd can be applied topically for relieving swelling and pain caused by external hemorrhoids. Paste of white radish is also very effective in relieving pain and swelling caused by external hemorrhoids.

One should eat foods which get easily digested and also food items which improve digestion naturally and safely. Fruits and vegetable shall be consumed in larger quantities and refined, processed and spicy food shall be strictly avoided. Drinking plenty of water is very useful for preventing irritated hemorrhoids.

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How Do Natural Hemorrhoids Remedies Work?

Natural hemorrhoids remedies work excellently to alleviate this depressing and debilitating problem. Hemorrhoids are present in human anal canal to facilitate movement of fecal matter, when this mater contains substances which are irritating to hemorrhoids like toxins and chemicals or when too much pressure is applied either during bowel movement or due to physical condition like pregnancy these get inflamed and bruised. Damaged or irritated hemorrhoids bleed and cause pain when they get prolapsed. Sometimes when hemorrhoids located in the outer part of the anal canal get inflamed and then they form a bump on the anal opening, these hemorrhoids do not bleed but cause much of pain during bowel movements and also later. Natural hemorrhoids remedies work tremendously to stop bleeding, calm irritation and treat pain and swelling in a short time.

In allopathic treatment anti-inflammatory and pain-killer medicines are recommended which can only provide temporary relief at best where natural hemorrhoids remedies work to treat the root cause of the problem. Here natural hemorrhoids remedies work to provide long lasting relief. White radish juice is one of the oldest and widely used natural hemorrhoids remedy which is very effective in improving digestion and providing smooth excretion of waste matter from the body. This herb supplements the body with vital nutrients and minerals like copper, calcium, potassium and folic acid. These nutrients eat food quickly and also improve excretion for curing the problem of hemorrhoids. In case of external hemorrhoids the paste of white radish can be applied topically to relieve swelling, irritation and pain in a short duration.

Turnip leaf juice is another very useful and effective natural treatment to cure the problem. Turnip leaves are also rich sources of vital nutrient which improve metabolic activity in the body. Turnip leaf juice provides calcium, folic acid, lutein and vital vitamins C and K to improve digestion and excretion of waste matter. Regular intake of the juice after mixing it with spinach, carrot or watercress juice can alleviate the problem in a short time. This is another natural hemorrhoids remedy works to treat and cure the problem permanently.

Bitter gourd juice can provide another very effective treatment to the problem along with various other health benefits. Regular consumption of two glasses of bitter gourd juice everyday blended with buttermilk improves liver function immensely. Liver in upbeat health can digest food and flush toxins out of the blood, these properties calm irritated hemorrhoids and prevent their damage. Consumption of bitter gourd juice regularly for three months is very effective for curing the problem. This natural hemorrhoids remedy works well for most of the people suffering with the problem.

Most of the people ignore importance of proper diet and healthy lifestyle to cure the problem of hemorrhoids. If diet and lifestyle is not improved problem can resurface, eat easy to digest foods and avoid spicy, greasy, refined, processed and hard to digest foods. Include fruits and vegetables more in the diet and remain active during the day to allow proper digestion of food. Drink plenty of water during the day and take few smaller meals in place of two large meals.

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FAQs About How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are quite literally a pain in the butt! If you have questions on how to get rid of hemorrhoids, then this article will give you some of those answers and direct you further on what treatments, creams and alternative methods can help you.

One of the most common ailments in the 21st century is hemorrhoids. Regardless of age or gender, nearly half of the population suffer from hemorrhoids. Getting rid of hemorrhoids is an ongoing issue in society today. Due to the increase of processed and fast foods, the regular diet of some of the population is simply junk and contains no nutrients whatever.

Firstly, what are hemorrhoids or piles?

The rectum contains three veins, all of which have very thin outer non-elastic casing. These veins are fragile and can be stressed and weakened easily through over- training when using the bowel. Continuing coercion of a bowel movement leads to one or more of these veins being displaced, intertwined and becoming engorged with blood. At times the vein will pop out from the rectum and lay on the outside of the anus, having the appearance of a small grape.

How can I get rid of hemorrhoids or do I need surgery?

Avoid constipation and keep up your fluid intake. The main reason for nearly half of the population to suffer from this uncomfortable problem is constipation. Constipation is something that can easily be avoided if you eat a well balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids, especially water.

Surgery can be recommended by your doctor, but this is only performed on severe cases of hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women frequently get hemorrhoids as a result of either childbirth or the intake of a poor diet while they are pregnant, which in turn leads to the main cause, constipation.

Questions such as how to get rid of hemorrhoids with something natural, such as plant based products are very common.

There are quite a few natural remedies that have been around for decades. Some are more popular than others depending on the individual case and severity of the problem and symptoms.

It really is important to eat fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole grain cereals and soluble fiber in order to prevent hemorrhoids.

Without adequate fluid intake and the eating of fresh foods, the body does not function properly and constipation occurs on a regular basis which can then lead to hemorrhoids.

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Put An End To Hemorrhoid Discomfort With These Simple Tips

The symptoms linked to hemorrhoids depend on where they are located. Internal ones are located inside the rectum, which are usually less painful, in which bright-red blood could be a symptom but you may not feel it at all. External hemorrhoids are painful, itchy and can be easily observed. The article below will give you the information you need to know about hemorrhoids.

If you have hemorrhoids, you should find a stool softener that you can take on a regular basis. Excessive training during a bowel movement is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids and should be avoided.

Slices of tomato have been found by some to bring down the size of their hemorrhoids. The acidic composition of the logo can provide relief for the swelling when it is applied to the swollen area. If you utilize this method in conjuction to a healthy diet, you can keep hemorrhoids away for a long time.

If your hemorrhoids are manageable, try to push them back inside your body. You can reduce any pain you have and it can even prevent more swelling or bleeding. Do not force it back inside. If you try too hard you can create a larger hemorrhoid problem than you already had.

Hemorrhoids are just as bad as chicken pox in terms of resisting the urge to scratch them. It's important to resist the powerful need to scratch them, which can cause them to bleed. The infection you can develop from a damaged hemorrhoid will cause you even more discomfort!

If you notice that your hemorrhoids are no longer held inside your body, you should try to very gently push them back inside of your body. Always be sure that the hand you do this with is completely clean, since you do not want bacteria of your hands to spread and worsen your hemorrhoids. Then, schedule an appointment at your doctor's office as soon as possible.

Take a quick walk before using the washroom to help ease constipation. Walking helps to get the body going and can prepare the bowels for movement. By doing this, you can avoid unnecessary training that will make hemorrhoids worsen or become irritated. Walk briskly for about 15 minutes.

To get rid of any swilling or pain try sitting in some hot water water. Fill the tub with just a few inches of warm water and sit in it for 10 minutes to relate the pain and swelling. So make sure your knees are up when you sit. Do not be afraid to stay in the tub until the water cools.

Avoid food that causes gas, because they can cause more pain in hemorrhoids. When you are passing the gas you can strain the rectum, and this could cause inflamed hemorrhoids. Bypass the pain and burning by staying away from those foods that create gas in your system.

You can decrease your chances of getting external hemorrhoids by practicing better hygiene in the bathroom. Toilet paper that is soft and does not leave behind residue is a good start. After each bowel movement, also use a moistened wipe for cleaning purposes.

If you are having issues with hemorrhoids, add a touch of lemon to the water that you drink. Lemons can sooth hemorrhoids, so use them to get rid of some of your irritation. Drink a lot of lemon water if your hemorrhoids are irritated.

The most likely cause is hemmorrhoids, but consult your doctor to verify this. Blood after a bowel movement can mean there is a serious problem, like cancer or internal bleeding, that should be addressed immediately. Save yourself the anxiety and justification by scheduling an appointment with your doctor. If you have hemorrhoids, doctors can suggest the best treatments.

To loosen stools, there before making them less difficult to pass, you can try drinking Aloe Vera juice. If the taste of it is an issue, try cutting the Aloe Vera juice with apple juice. Always read the product label and follow its instructions scrupulously. Drinking Aloe Vera juice in excess can cause you to have an upset stomach.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids were covered at the beginning of this article. External and internal hemorrhoids can produce different symptoms and levels of pain and can be easy to tell apart because of this. By following the advice of this article, you can learn more about prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

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Top 5 Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid lumps occur when veins around the anal area get swollen, usually due to irritation or increased pressure. A lot of factors contribute to this condition, but here we explore the top 5 common causes of Hemorrhoids.

1. Constipation

If you have a poor diet and are having bowel movements fewer than three times a week, constipation is very likely to occur. Stools become hard, dry, and difficult to pass through; so people tend to strain a lot. The training puts a lot of pressure on the veins in the rectal area. Over time, this constant pressure damages the veins and causes them to swell.

Constipation is easily avoided by adding lots of fiber in your diet, drinking enough water, and doing physical activities.

2. Age

Most people over the age of 50 suffer from Hemorrhoids. As the body ages, the muscles weaken, including those in the anal area. This greatly increases the chance of getting Hemorrhoids.

Aside from this, people with age over 50 are more laid back and sedentary, which is another common cause of Hemorrhoids.

And finally, veins can also be weakened with age, causing a condition known as Venous Insufficiency, which is # 3 in our list.

3. Chronic Venous Insufficiency / Poor Blood Circulation

Everyone knows that the heart pumps blood to the body. But did you know that blood has to be pumped back to the heart? Veins contain valves that open in one way so that blood will flow up to the heart and not slip back down. As you move your limbs, your muscles expand and contract while squeezing the veins and pumping the blood up. Here, you get blood circulation.

Now, Venous Insufficiency simply means the oxygen-poor blood that came from the heart and used by the cells is not being pumped back to the heart. So blood will start to pool in one area and the veins swell up, creating a condition known as Varicose Veins.

So what does Varicose Veins have to do with Hemorrhoids? Simply put, Hemorrhoids are actually Varicose Veins located in the anal area.

4. Prolonged Sitting / Standing

Prolonged sitting, as well as standing, increases pressure on the veins. Simple explanation – you're not doing much activity so blood flows down to the rectal area faster than it gets pumped back to the heart.

If your job requires you to sit long hours, taking short 5 minute breaks every once in a while helps a lot.

5. Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids affect approximately 50 percent of all pregnant women. During pregnancy, the uterus enlarges and more blood flows through the pelvic area. This increases pressure to the veins in the rectal walls. Even more severe pressure occurs during childbirth. It is advisable to lie down on your side once in a while to relate that pressure.

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Relief From Hemorrhoids Pain

Natural Hemorrhoid Relief

Natural hemorrhoid relief is available in many different forms. There are home remedies that can be used along with natural treatments that will help to stop painful symptoms of hemorrhoids and offer you tremendous relief. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the anal area and cavity, and when these swell it can cause pain, bleeding, burning, and more. There are some natural ways that this condition can be treated at home, without any embarrassing doctor visits or intrusive exams. The first and most effective treatment for relief of hemorrhoid symptoms is a warm water soak, and this can be very soothing as well as cleansing. Stool residue can irritate the tissue of the anus and hemorrhoid, so keeping the area clean is essential for treatment . Use a wet tissue or moistened wipe after every bowel movement, plus use warm water soaks in between, to ensure the area lasts clean and that sliding is minimized.

Witch hazel is another natural hemorrhoid relief treatment, and this home remedy can offer invaluable relief for the pain, swelling, and burning associated with this condition. A cotton pad or ball should be soaked in witch hazel, and then placed against the anus and left for five to ten minutes. Repeat this process three to five times a day, and your hemorrhoids will shrink and stop causing pain and discomfort. Adding fiber to your daily diet will help with hemorrhoid relief as well, because adequate fiber in your diet will help to soften stools and prevent constipation, and this will eliminate any training which will cause hemorrhoids to become worse.

Natural hemorrhoid relief should include drinking plenty of water every single day, because water is an important part of stool composition, and dry stools will cause you to strain to pass them. This can worsen hemorrhoids and cause tissue damage, so make sure you drink enough water regularly. Butcher's Broom is a herb which can help with hemorrhoid relief, and this can be used regularly in a pill or tea form to give you relief and minimize the symptoms of the hemorrhoids. Horse Chestnut is another herbal remedy that may help eliminate your hemorrhoids.

Herbal Remedies For Hemorrhoids

Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids have been used for centuries to provide relief and treatment for this condition. Hemorrhoids can be caused by training to have a bowel movement, dry stools, and certain medical conditions, among other causes, and it is easier to prevent them than it is to treat them once they are developed. If you have a hemorrhoid, treatment with home remedies will allow you to treat and eliminate the hemorrhoid with items you already have on hand. Numerous herbs and plants can provide relief as well, and knowing all the available options can be very helpful in choosing the best treatment.

Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids can include witch hazel, aloe vera, butcher's broom, calendula, dandelion, horse chestnut, horse tail, psyllium seed, and St. Paul. Johns Wort, to name just some. Witch hazel can be used as a compress or suppository, and it will relieve any pain and bleeding from damaged tissue while cleaning the area and soothing the irritation. The juice from the aloe vera plant will speed up the healing process while soothing and moisturizing the tissue, providing deep relief when applied to the hemorrhoid. Butcher's broom can also be used as a salve and put directly on the affected tissue, and it will stop any itching and discomfort caused by the hemorrhoid. Calendula is another plant used as a herbal remedy for this condition. This can be an ingredient in a hemorrhoid cream, or you can boil an infusion of fresh calendula and water, and use this liquid to bathe the affected area. Applying either form to the hemorrhoid twice a day can help minimize any swelling and stop the pain.

Herbal remedies for hemorrhoids can commonly include the dandelion. This herb is stolen, either in a pill or liquid form, and it provides softer stools so that there is no training to have a bowel movement. Horse chestnut can also be used this way, but women who are pregnant should avoid this herbal remedy until no longer in that condition because of the safety of the baby. Horsetail can be steeped and made into tea, and this will stop any bleeding from your hemorrhoids.

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Treatments for Piles – Hemorrhoids Are a Pain in The Bum – Here’s What You Can Do

Piles, medically referred to as hemorrhoids, are a collection of swollen or enlarged blood vessels located in the lower part of a person's rectum. As well as extreme discomfort and even pain, hemorrhoids can also cause intestinal itching around the anus and bleeding when passing a stool. Although piles are not considered a serious condition, leaving them untreated could lead to having them removed through surgery. Before learning how to get rid of piles, it is important you try and understand how they are caused as this may prevent a recurrence in the future.


There are a number of reasons for a person developing piles, with the most common being obesity. If you do not have sufficient fiber in your diet, you will be at an increased risk of developing piles. This is because fiber softens a person's stools, preventing training when going to the toilet. Excessive training can inflame and enlarge the blood vessels around the rectum and anus. This will then result in hemorrhoids. If your work or home life requires constant heavy lifting, your chances of suffering from piles will be high. This is because the strain of lifting affects the blood vessels in your bottom.

Lifestyle Changes

As well as visiting your doctor for advice on how to get rid of piles, there are also a number of over-the-counter products that can help reduce the symptoms of piles. However, it is also important that you do a number of things yourself to increase the chances of getting rid of your hemorrhoids. Eating a healthy balanced diet, ensuring you follow the recommended daily allowance advice for fiber, will not only ensure your stools stay soft it will also help you maintain a healthy weight. Regular exercise will also help with weight loss, for those individuals who believe their piles are due to obesity. Reducing your caffeine intake and increasing the amount of water you drink will also have a positive effect.


It is important that you keep the affected area clean, to avoid the risk of infection. Using special wet toilet paper, followed by dry will clean the area each time you visit the toilet. This should also reduce pollution and itching. Taking a warm bath will also relieve intense itching, which is important as scratching at the area will just cause the hemorrhoids to become more inflamed and swollen. If your piles are still causing you significant problems after two weeks of dietary changes and self-help treatments, you should seek further advice from your doctor on how to get rid of piles.

Non-Surgical Treatment

Sclerotherpy has become the most common non-surgical treatment available for piles and involves injecting a special oil into the hemorrhoids. The oil causes the piles to shrivel up and they ever die. This treatment is popular as it is reliably painless and extremely effective. Banding is the age-old treatment of piles and while it is not the most comfortable of procedures, it is certainly one of the most effective. A medical professional will place a tight elastic band around each hemorrhoid, which will completely cut off the blood supply to it. Without a blood source, the piles will shrivel up and die after around four days. The area left behind will be tender for a week or so but you should not experience any more pain.

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Had Enough of Hemorrhoids? These Tips and Treatments May Offer You Some Relief

Hemorrhoids, or piles as they are commonly called, are a real pain and can lead surgical treatment in extreme cases. The good news is most cases can be deal with through simple changes to your diet and exercise routine. Piles are actually vascular tissue in the anus responsible for stool control and only become a problem when they are inflamed.

Types of Hemorrhoids

There are two basic types of piles, internal and external. The difference between the two types is directly related to their location, as you can imagine. Those that occur above the dentate line are considered internal while those that are below it are considered external. What many people fail to realize is that external hemorrhoids are not necessarily outside of the anal cavity or visible.


Typically, piles are directly related to bowel movements. Constipation and diarrhoea can both contribute to the occurrence of piles. The exact cause of hemorrhoids has not been clearly determined in laboratory testing, however most would concur that pressure during pregnancy, prolonged sitting and training during bowel movements are key components.

Home Remedy

As stated above, most hemorrhoids treatment consists of nothing more than simple diet changes, or in cases of prolonged sitting an increase in exercise may be warranted. Here are a few things you should consider if you are suffering with hemorrhoids:

  • Fiber- increasing your fiber intake will give your stool more bulk and soften it to a degree. This will reduce the need to strain while having a bowel movement.
  • Water- keeping yourself properly hydrated will reduce the chances of becoming constipated, another contributor to piles. Drink the recommended daily allowance or a little more if you suffer chronic constipation.
  • Diet-do you have frequent bouts of constipation or diarrhoea because of what you eat? Some individuals have problems with dairy products, specific fruits and other foods; eliminate them from your diet.
  • Weight- if you needed another incentive to lose weight, piles may be just that. People, who are overweight, as well as pregnant women, have more anal pressure, which can lead to painful hemorrhoids. Losing weight can alleviate this cause.
  • Go- Do you frequently find yourself waiting to use the bathroom? Whenever possible you should heed your body's natural urges rather than waiting, especially if you are suffering from piles.

During a Flare Up

While you are working with these and other remedies for hemorrhoids, you may be wondering how to ease some of your symptoms. Piles are marked by pain, irritation and itching of the anal region. Many people are too embarrassed to talk about this problem with their family physician and simply suffer in silence. Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do to ease your discomfort.

  • Creams- there are many different creams you can buy over the counter at your local drugstore. These medicated creams soothe the itching and burning associated with hemorrhoids.
  • Witch Hazel- if you are still a little shy about purchasing medications witch hazel is a great treatment for piles. Chill it slightly in the refrigerator and apply with cotton ball for the best results.
  • Hydrocortisone- a simple cream that can ease itching
  • Warm Bath- a soak in the tub can do wonders for many things that ail you, including hemorrhoids.
  • Wet Wipes- they are not just for babies! Wet wipes are gentler than most toilet paper.


If you have suffered for quite some time with hemorrhoids or simply want a treatment for piles with a more permanent result you could consider natural supplements such as Hemocyl. Before you look into a surgical solution, it is a good idea to try the least invasive measures first.

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Do You Know How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

Are you looking for effective ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids? Piles or hemorrhoids are masses or clumps of inflamed blood vessels found in the anal or rectal canal. These masses may swell, cause pain, rupture, bleed and infect if not treated right away. Hemorrhoids are not only known to be very painful but may also cause burning and severe itching which could be very embarrassing when you are at work.

The pain, burning sensation and itching could be so severe, it can disrupted a person's daily activities; it can also lead to inability to concentrate on tasks and reduced self esteem as you deal with the symptoms in public. It is important there before to consult your doctor for the ideal treatment of hemorrhoids once and for all to prevent serious complications.

Here are some of the most popular ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids:

  • Soften stools – you may take stool softeners which may be bought over-the-counter but the ideal way is to eat more dietary fiber in a day. To soften stools and help move them out of the colon without aggravating hemorrhoids it is advised to increase fluid intake to more than 8 to 10 glasses in a day and to eat more fiber-rich foods (30 to 60 grams a day). Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, cereals and whole grains.
  • Reduce symptoms – as you wait for stool softeners and fiber to work, severe itching, pain and burning may be relieved with a hot sitz bath. You may purchase a plastic sitz bath which is placed conveniently on top of the toilet seat or you may use an ordinary basin. Fill this with warm water (not too cold and not too hot to burn you) and sit for 15 to 20 minutes allowing the warm water to soak your hemorrhoids. Replace with warm water if needed. Dry the area completely after; you may sit on a hot sitz bath twice to three times a day.
  • Get moving – move around more, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. People who sit around longer due to jobs that require them to do so or people who sits in front of the television or a computer monitor all day can develop hemorrhoids or aggravate existing ones. Standing up and exercising reduces pressure on the rectal and anal canal; with exercise, your colon is at work too improving your ability to digest and pass out stools. Exercise and moving can also help reduce weight which may also be a factor in developing hemorrhoids.
  • For pregnant women – pregnancy is one of the leading causes of the development of hemorrhoids in women. Aside from the pressure of the growing fetus on the anal area, delivery of the baby can tear anal muscles and blood vessels causing hemorrhoids. It is so important to eat more fiber and drink more water when you are pregnant. Maintaining your weight is also a great way to reduce this condition and may also help maintain your blood pressure until you deliver. You may also consult your doctor for the best ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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What To Do If You Have Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and noticed that there was some blood on the toilet paper? If so, it is likely that the cause of the bleeding was one of the most common, but often unspoken, health conditions known as hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids affect millions of people each year and by some estimates, the percentage is higher than forty percent of the adult population. Although primarily found in adults, hemorrhoids can be found in people of all different ages.

They can be very painful and cause quite a lot of discomfort for people. Common symptoms include itchiness, pain, and bleeding. At times, if the hemorrhoid is small, the person may not even be aware that they have one and only realize once blood is discovered either on the stool or toilet paper. This happens because as the stool passes through the anal canal it irritates the hemorrhoid and causes it to bleed. The blood will appear bright red in color and there may be a little or a lot of blood. It should be noted though that bleeding does not always occur.

The bleeding can occur with both internal and external hemorrhoids. However, internal hemorrhoids are more prone to bleed than external ones as they come into closer contact with passing stools.

Fortunately, hemorrhoids that bleed are generally not serious and can be treated using a variety of methods. If it is an external hemorrhoid, a medicated pad containing witch-hazel can be applied. Witch-hazel is a natural astringent found in many hemorrhoid treatment products. The natural remedy is known for being able to strengthen blood vessels, stop bleeding, and soothe the affected area. Additionally a hemorrhoid cream or an ointment may also be applied to the surface. This will typically provide some much needed relief and help reduce the smuggling of the hemorrhoid.

For internal hemorrhoids, creams and ointments are generally not used. Instead, suppositories are preferred. A suppository is like a medicated pill that gets inserted into the rectum where it dissolves, leaving the medicine to go to work.

There are also many natural hemorrhoid treatments available as well. Two common ones found online are the H-Miracle System and Venapro. Both can effectively treat internal and external hemorrhoids. The difference between them is that the H-Miracle System is a do-it-yourself treatment where you prepare the remedies yourself. The product comes as an eBook, which gives tons of natural recipes and remedies that target specific symptoms. Venapro, on the other hand, is a physical product. It is a homeopathic medicine and comes as a two part system: 1) a spray bottle for symptoms 2) a colon supplement to help with digestion.

Regardless of what type of treatment you choose to use, it is wise to change your diet so that you can stop further irritation and help prevent future hemorrhoids. The best way to do this is by increasing the amount of fiber in your diet. The additional fiber will help soften stools and make the passage of them smoother and less irritating to the hemorrhoids.

Above all, the most important thing to do is to take action early on. If left untreated the hemorrhoid can worsen and become very intolerable, which may require more drastic measures like surgery. Therefore, take action and do not let the problem get worse. Also, in case the bleeding does not go away from if there is an excess amount, see your doctor immediately as the cause could be due to other ailments.

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Get Rid Of Your Hemorrhoids With These Great Tips

If you suffer with hemorrhoids, the information in this article can help to ease your pain and prevent future flare ups. Because of the uncomfortable nature of hemorrhoids, you will want some good information! This article is filled with practical tips you should try.

Fiber loaded foods will help soften stool, especially if you drink plenty of water. When you soften your stool, you can help relieve any hemorrhoids that might be causing you stress and pain. To get softer stool, try eating fruits such as papaya, watermelon, or grapes. Veggies like okra and cage can also help the process since they have a lot of fiber. To see the full effects of these foods, make sure you drink lots of water.

It is good to eat whole wheat bread to help digestion and help your hemorrhoids. It often aids in eliminating irritation and decreasing redness. Make the choice of healthy, high fiber, whole grain bread for your next sandwich.

Gently trying to push your hemorrhoids back up into the anus is a good tip for keeping them injury free. You want to make sure that the hemorrhoids are not too big though, because if they are, then this might not work and can hurt. This can prevent them from rubbing on your clothes. However, if the hemorrhoids are painful or too large, do not risk injury by doing this.

Whatever you do, do not scratch your hemorrhoids. The itchiness of hemorrhoids can be the most infuriating symptom. The normal reaction is to scratch the itch because it makes you feel better for a short time, but it can delay the healing process for your hemorrhoids. If you are one of the many people that suffers from hemorrhoids, be sure that you find an effective treatment that will help you avoid the urge to scratch.

A good product, which works to help soothe hemorrhoids, is witch hazel. Witch hazel is a natural astringent that can be found at your local pharmacy or superstore. When small doses of the substance are applied to the affected region, witch hazel's astringent properties shrink the borrowing and mitigate bleeding.

Experiment with natural home remedies before shelling out cash for expensive treatments and medicines. A sitz bath can be extremely soothing, especially after a bowel movement. Simply soak for 15 minutes to experience relief. Do not scratch, even if you're itching, because this will only make the problem worse. Instead, use witch hazel pads and put them on the itchy spots for relief. Eat a lot of fiber-rich foods, and get your eight glasses of water daily. By doing this, you will not have to push too hard when having a bowel movement.

Get as much fiber in your diet as possible. If you do not like produce that is high in fiber, you could have hard stools and have nutrient deficiency. Fiber supplements may be the answer for you if you do not like fiber-rich foods.

If you must deal with hemorrhoids, look for a stool softener that you can take often. Do not push hard for a bowel movement. Pushing can cause pain, discomfort and further complications down the road.

If you do not get enough vegetable and fruits in your diet, which helps prevent hemorrhoids, consider supplements. Make sure you at least drink water, about 64 ounces a day, and space taking supplements throughout the day to get the most out of them.

A long-term effective treatment for uncomfortable and painful hemorrhoids is to eat a lot of fiber. A hemorrhoid prevention diet centered around high fiber content should contain foods like oatmeals, whole grain pasta and bread, as well as leafy green vegetables. Fiber cuts down on strain that can lead to hemorrhoids, and it also increases general bowel motility.

Do not sit down on the commode until you need to go. Oftentimes, people will read a magazine or newspaper while they're kept on the toilet waiting to tie themselves. However, they may not realize that this still places a strain on their rectal area. The act of sitting alone is enough to put strain on your hemorrhoids via gravity. Never sit down unless you're really ready to go.

You may have checked many places for advice on how to best treat your painful hemorrhoids. We are glad that you chose to read this article. Use the ideas we have provided and you should find yourself feeling better very soon. Just be sure to consult a doctor if needed.

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Hemorrhoid Cream and Natural Remedies – To Alleviate Your Pain And Swelling

Hemorrhoids or piles are a common health condition in today's world. They are mainly caused by constipation and being overweight. Many women tend to develop hemorrhoids when they are pregnant as the growing fetus exerts pressure on the anal and rectal muscles.

Most of the women who get pregnant worry about development of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy, however, simple home based methods can be used to prevent them. A diet that has good amount of fiber and drinking eight glasses of water daily decreases the chances of development of hemorrhoids to a great extent. A special set of exercises known as Kegel's can be tried by pregnant women for strengthening of muscles in the rectal and anal region.

Home remedies for hemorrhoids are a perfect solution for women with Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy. Most commonly used home remedies include:

• Ice packs can greatly help alleviate the discomfort caused by piles. Frozen peas can be utilized over the inflamed area to seek benefit.

• Many people who have piles benefit from the use of witch hazel. This great product is easy to use with a cotton pad soaked in it to be applied over the affected area. You can move on to change the soaks after regular intervals to seek maximum benefit.

• Cleanliness of the anal and rectal area is of utmost important. The area should be treated well after every bowel movement. Loose undergarments should be worn to avoid rubbing of piles against the skin. In order to minimizeize chances of infection, medicated wipes can be used.

• Spending too much time on the toilet seat should be avoided. Anal and rectal muscles should be saved from the excess pressure. Frequent breaks should be taken in between if you need to sit for long period of time on the toilet seat.

• Itching, infection, and pain from the piles can be helped by use of a hemorrhoid cream. You can choose from the variety of products available at your nearest pharmacist. Your family physician can also provide you a prescription for the same based on your symptoms. It can provide a soothing relief from the symptoms of piles.

You can also seek wise advise from your family physician about intake of dietary fiber supplements. In most of the pregnant women, piles go away on their own in the postpartum period. In few cases, if they persist, they can be easily relieved with home remedies and natural methods. You can contact your health practitioner to advise you on different options of treatment. Timely treatment of piles will prevent them from progressing to the point where they pose larger troubles.

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Got Hemorrhoids? Here Are 6 Key Things To Avoid

Finding relief from hemorrhoids is tough enough without doing things to make the condition worse. But that's what a lot of sufferers do – and often they are not even aware that they are making the condition more painful. Here are some things you really should avoid, no matter how strong the temptation to do otherwise.

No Spicy Foods. You may love your chilli con carne and adore your vindaloo. But eat them at your peril. The spices in these and similar dishes now work their way way to your bowel – and they will cause your hemorrhoids to sting.

Do not Scratch. Touching your hemorrhoids – or worse, using your nails to scratch them – is guaranteed to make them worse. The best thing is to ensure that the area is as clean as possible because this is likely to reduce an itching. Have a warm bath, use medicated wipes and – if it gets really bad – try using an icepack to numb the area. But do not be tempted to scratch.

Do not Strain. Bearing down hard when using the loo is a primary cause of hemorrhoids – and an action that will definitely make them worse. If you are constipated, try a laxative or significantly increase your fiber intake. Drink lots of water, too. And you may try lubricating the area around your anus with a little petroleum jelly: many sufferers find that it allows the stool to pass more easily.

Avoid Hard Surfaces. The pressure of sitting on, say, a cold, hard step can cause hemorrhoids to flare up. Doing so for prolonged periods is almost guaranteed to do so. If you are obliged to sit still on a hard surface, soften the area with a pillow or a roled up jacket.

Avoid Coffee and Alchohol. Both make it more difficult for waste to pass through your body, and both can make active piles feel much worse.

Keep Your Hands Clean. Touching the area with unwashed hands can accidently infect the hemorrhoids – making it very difficult to heal.

There are many medications, preparations and treatments for hemorrhoids, and most of us find the one or two that work best for us. I prefer the solutions that work from the inside and that are natural rather than pharmaceutical in nature. But remember, always seek the advice of your doctor before you embark on any treatment or take any supplements recommended by others. That way, you will stay safe and be able to address the condition from a position of confidence and knowledge. Discover more in the Resource Box below.

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