What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like?

If you are asking what hemorrhoids look like, chances are you think you may have them. If you have a burning and / or an itching sensation around the anus and you can feel lumps either inside or outside the anus, you probably do have hemorrhoids.

They are not funny – although they are the butt (sorry!) Of many jokes. They can be extremely uncomfortable, so much so that you can not even sit down for long because they start throbbing and hurting. Many folks resort to sitting on donut-shaped cushions to relieve the pressure on their hemorrhoids.

The good new is that they will go away with the right treatment, a few people's hemorrhoids may be so serious that an operation is required, called a hemorrhoidectomy, but before they get any worse, you can start treatment at home yourself.

Most hemorrhoids occur because people are contracting to defecate. Not only are they training to expel waste matter, but training too hard will also push any internal hemorrhoids outside of the anal cavity. So what do hemorrhoids look like when you get to that stage? Well they are usually a bluish / purple color because they contain blood, so they can look a lot like small, squashed blueberries. You are going to have to get into a very uncomfortable position to be able to see yours. If you have been in a relationship for any length of time you might ask your partner to take some photographs for you. I know it's embarrassing but if someone really loves you they'll do it for you. You can start treatment and take some pictures every few days to see how you are progressing. Chances are you will know the treatment is working because they will not bother you quite so much and you will be able to feel them decreasing in size.

You can get topical over the counter remedies for hemorrhoids and applying a cold pack will help shrink them, but it's pointless doing all that if you do not change your diet! Most hemorrhoids occur because people do not drink enough water. An adult needs to drink at least 8 full glasses of water every day – whether the weather is hot or cold. Diet should also be changed to include plenty of fiber and fruit, green vegetables and whole grains too. If you are having a serious problem defecating, do not resort to taking a laxative as this may make your hemorrhoids worse.

Some people confuse skin tags with hemorrhoids. These may occasionally itch and just be a plain nuisance, but when you look at them they are not purple in color as they are not caused by prolapsed blood vessels.

Pregnant women often get hemorrhoids too. This may not be because of diet or not drinking enough water, it is simply because of the pressure and added weight of the baby on the bowels. Hemorrhoids often disappear within a couple of weeks after delivery without any special treatment.

So what do hemorrhoids look like? External hemorrhoids will be attached to the outside of the rectum, whereas internal hemorrhoids will simply be poking through the anal cavity. Either way, it's not pleasant.

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Most Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

The causes of hemorrhoids may vary from one individual to another. There's no single factor that can cause them to appear. In this article, let's learn about the most common cause of hemorrhoids according to experts.

1. Constipation

Hard stools passing through your system can put too much pressure on the veins and causes them to swell. When this happens, hemorrhoids appear. The best thing to do to avoid this is by altering your diet. Make sure that you cut back on foods that may cause constipation such as meat, pizza, potatoes, and cheeses. Meanwhile, increase your intake of fiber as it will enhance digestion and help relate constipation. When you go to the toilet, just take your time. Keeping nature to take its course really can help prevents hemorrhoids forming.

2. Diarrhea

Just as constipation is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids, so is diarrhea. You see frequent passing of stools puts a lot of pressure on the lower part of the body making the veins constrict and swell. Again, it is best to be cautious about the food that you eat. Also, remember to wash your hands before picking something to put into your mouth. These are simple ways on how you can avoid getting diarrhea, which in turn prevents hemorrhoids.

3. Wrong Sitting Position On The Toilet.

Yes even a seemingly mundane thing such as sitting on the toilet can be one of the reasons we develop hemorrhoids . When you're doing your business, the right way to sit is as follows – Sit normally first, then raise the feet on tiptoes and the balls of your feet (front part). After which, bend forward and rest your elbows to your knees. Doing this will allow you to past stools a lot easier. The less effort you exert, the less likely the odds are of you developing piles.

4. Pregnancy

Pregnant women commonly develop hemorrhoids. This is due to the increased pressure carried on the veins in the pelvic region. Piles also appear after delivery due to the pressure put on the lower region when the baby is being pushed out. These are the common causes of hemorrhoids among mothers-to-be.

5. Weight Problems

Being overweight can be disadvantageous in many ways and one of them is making you to have piles. The excess weight you carry when you sit, stand, or walk can put extra strain on the lower region of your body and weakened the veins. These become the primary causes of hemorrhoids. Make sure to watch your weight and keep it on a healthy range.

So as you can see there are several possible causes of hemorrhoids but given the proper information most people can treat hemorrhoids effectively and take simple precautions that will prevent them in the first place.

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Stop Suffering From Hemorrhoids and Back Pain

Living with hemorrhoids and back pain hurts physically and emotionally. The physical pain of hemorrhoids and back pain makes mobility very difficult. This results people from doing activities they normally do. Hemorrhoids and back pain takes a heavy emotional toll as well.

People begin to isolate themselves in their homes and avoid going to work or enjoying social situations with friends and family. It often feels like you're all alone to suffer in silence from hemorrhoids and back pain. The reason I'm mentioning hemorrhoids and back pain in the same article is because when I had a severe case of hemorrhoids I developed back pain.

The way I was sitting to overcompensate for my hemorrhoids put my back out of alignment and inflamed my back muscles. When I tried to sleep at night I put my back in odd positions to avoid irritating my hemorrhoids. I had to take time off from work to have hemorrhoid laser surgery in Los Angeles.

Once the hemorrhoids were removed surgically I still had back pain that great worse. I had basically isolated myself in my apartment not going out without it was absolutely necessary. I did not feel like talking on the phone or even using my laptop to stay connected using the Internet. I was extremely depressed.

My girlfriend (now my wife) at the time was kind and patient to stay with me. She did all my shopping for me so I would not have to go out in pain. My hemorrhoid laser removal surgery was a success, but there was still a recovery period. My body was healing as well as expected, but I did experience pain and tenderness where my external hemorrhoids had been. Now I was also dealing with chronic back pain.

I hated to sneeze or get up to use the bathroom because I knew it was going to be a painful effort. I became a prisoner in my own apartment and began to depend a little too much on powerful pain medication. Every day seemed like the one before until my girlfriend did some hemorrhoid pain relief research online and decided to order high strength fargelin pills for me.

High strength fargelin pills are made from superior quality Chinese ingredients. The fargelin formula has been scientifically designed using Chinese herbal principals. I am not a vegan or whole food type of person, but I do avoid processed food as much as possible choosing instead fresh vegetables, brown rice, chicken and fish.

High strength fargelin acts a natural anesthetic to make bowel movements much less painfully by gently lubricating the passage way. Fargelin Promotes healthy blood flow to and around the anal area to boost healing of damaged skin tissue. Passing stool had always been painful when recovering from my hemorrhoid laser surgery. After taking fargelin pills the pain declined.

My hemorrhoid pain was slowly fading away each passing day, but my back pain was still causing me problems. My doctor had recommended physical therapy and it surprised that one day my physical therapist had me laid on a foam tube to help align my back. I ended up going online to find a product that delivered the same results.

I bought a back realignment device online and am pleased with the results. When I first started to use the back realignment device it was slightly difficult. Not because of the product. It was because I had let my back alignment get so out of alignment that being placed in the correct local position felt awkward. Each day I used the it my back pain became less. After a month I no longer had to take pain medication and was able to exercise to regain my full mobility.

This is only my personal experience I am sharing with readers. Not every product is going to work for every person out there that is suffering from hemorrhoid or back pain. But there are many options to beat hemorrhoids and back pain. I hope you find yours because life is too short to live it in pain.

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A Hemorrhoids Treatment At Home For Mild Cases

Hemorrhoids are damaged and swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus and most adults have had them at some point in their lives. Hemorrhoids treatment at home is still sufficient, but treating them with a topical ointment and trying to shrink them by using ice packs may give temporary relief, but if they keep coming back then you need to look at why you are getting hemorrhoids regularly.

The secret to getting rid of hemorrhoids for ever is to establish healthy bowel habits, which start with diet and water intake. The hemorrhoidal veins inside the rectum become stretched and thin because of training to defecate. They also become itchy and irritated because the stool that passes over them does not contain enough water and acts like sandpaper if you will.

Any hemorrhoids treatment at home should begin with blotting the anus with either an over the counter moist towel or toilet paper moistened with water, after a bowel movement. It is essential to keep the area clean, hard as that may sound, and never scratch, as this can lead to infection. Baby wipes will work just as well. If you are one of the rare owners of a bidet in the US use it to cleanse the anal area thoroughly after a bowel movement, or take a quick shower. Do not use soap that contains perfumes or dyes as it will irritate the area more. Blot, do not rub the area dry gently.

If the area is painful you can take acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen, and the latter will help reduce swelling. Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes as often as you can, alternating with a warm – not hot – compress.

A hemorrhoids treatment at home will also be greatly helped by taking a sitz bath several times a day. Just fill your bath tub up with enough warm water to cover the area and sit for 15 minutes. If the swapping is really bad, it may be a good idea to take a couple of days in bed, arrange your pillows so they tie any pressure on the area, as standing for long periods causes more pressure. Do not lift anything heavy for a few days as this increases pressure on the veins. Wear absorbent cotton underwear and loose clothing if possible.

The next step in hemorrhoids treatment at home is to look at your diet. The reason why you are having problems passing feces normally is often because of poor diet and / or not drinking enough water.

Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, pulses and whole grains in your diet and always drink at least eight full glasses of water every day. The water simply acts as a lubricant and softens the stool so it can be easily passed. You will be able to tell if you are drinking enough water by the color of your urine – it should be very pale green, any darker and you need to drink more. Changing your diet after your home hemorrhoids treatment will ensure that they will not come back again!

Of course before beginning any home treatment you should call your doctor first.

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External Hemorrhoids, Panic Attacks and Honesty

A recent visitor to a blog I work on sent in an email with a subject headline that read “My Painful External Hemorrhoid Nightmare Story” that was really open and honest. I responded after reading it to ask if it would be okay to write an article based on what they shared. They said it would be fine as long as I did not use their last name.

“Debbie from Cedar Rapids, Iowa” is a single mother of a young child who has to work two low paying part-time jobs to pay the bills. She always put on her best happy face for her daughter, friends and family. Her approach to handling stress was to bottle it up inside and keep all her worries to herself. When her daughter was asleep Debbie would eat lots of junk food to lower her stress.

Surprisingly she was able to maintain an attractive figure without any exercise outside of her jobs. Her late night junk food binges led to her developing chronic constipation. She disregarded the first sign that an external hemorrhoid was forming. After passing a bowel movement she would feel what she said felt like a bee sting and felt a small growth when she cleaned herself.

Like many people do she ignored it thinking it would go away on its own. Over the course of a month she had a large bleeding hemorrhoid that could not be ignored. It got so bad she had to wear spandex shorts under her work uniforms to avoid any embarrassing tracks of blood. The itch and pain was constant. Always there to remind her that her condition was not going away anytime soon.

The only temporary relief she found was using over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams. The external hemorrhoid was not shrinking because she had let it go untreated too long. Her co-workers, friends and family noticed she was now walking different. That is a very embarrassing life situation to experience on top of hemorrhoid pain. Nobody likes to tell other people they suffer from hemorrhoids.

The logical approach for people is to make a hemorrhoid doctor appointment. Debbie had two things going against her. She was too ashamed to go to see a doctor and had a phobia of doctors. She had no problem taking her daughter to see a doctor, but she had developed a real phobia after having a major panic attack during a doctor's visit as a patient.

It had been year since the major panic attack, but that fear of having another one created a phobia of doctors. I understand her feelings because I have a friend that has excellent medical insurance coverage, but will not ever see a doctor without it is serious.

They also have a phobia of hospitals and doctors. They told me once they do not want to get blood work done or get health checkups because they do not want to know if they have a medical condition like cancer. They think if they do not know they have a medical condition then it does not exist. Avoidance always leads to more health problems. Debbie was avoiding having her external hemorrhoid removed.

It came to the point where the external hemorrhoid larger larger and became infected. The pain became too much. Infected hemorrhoids cause serious health problems. Her parents had started to watch her daughter more and more because of their Debbie's health issue. Not liking what they were seeing happened to Debbie they got her to visit a hemorrhoid doctor.

The mind is powerful. In the waiting room Debbie had a major panic attack and felt like an elephant was on her chest and joker faces were looking at her. The thing with panic attacks is the person having one always thinks all eyes are on them. This raises anxiety levels and a fight or flight reaction to the situation. Debbie wanted to leave immediately. Her parents and a nurse calmed her down.

The doctor explained she had a severely infected external hemorrhoid that needed hemorrhoid laser surgery to be removed as soon as possible. The word surgery gets any patients heart racing. Debbie had no choice. Her health was at serious risk from hemorrhoid infection. She fully recovered from hemorrhoid laser surgery and is back to living a hemorrhoid free life.

What really touched me about Debbie's email was she was candid that her painful hemorrhoid nightmare finally stopped, but her anxiety and panic attacks are now more frequent. She shared that she was not going to ignore the condition like she did her external hemorrhoid.

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Treatment of Hemorrhoids – Folk Remedies

Recipe number 1

Since ancient times, almost every Russian healer cured the hemorrhoids of all varieties. Why is not the official medicine Aesculapius learned from traditional healers straightforward methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids? Boil in a saucepan two gallons of water. Dissolve in boiling water that pound of alum. Close the pan, preferably a wooden lid. In the center of the cover should be a hole about two inches in diameter. Above this opening warm steam to the anus until steam comes out. After such a session should be sure to lubricate the anus (inside and outside) with petroleum jelly and be sure to take a laxative. Some doctors advise to first take a laxative to clean and gut, and then do the heating of the anus over the steam of boiling water with alum. Warm-up should be done no more often than once a week. Two or three heatings enough.

Recipe number 2

Get a thick pot and pour it into two quarts of milk. Lower back four large onions. The pot should be closed. All of this is to cook in the oven on low heat. The method of treatment is the same as that of alum to hot water, that is, close the pot with a hole in a wooden lid and heat the anus over the steam. Sessions can be repeated after three days. Three or four heaters is enough. It is not superfluous for six hours before the session to take a laxative.

Recipe number 3

Talking about the various recipes for hemorrhoid treatment, the wealthy merchant and Kuban Cossack B. pointedly remarked that in the medical manual no way to treat hemorrhoids simply cleaning the gemorroynyh places … simple cold water, and that he had cured hemorrhoids this way it is. B. The merchant added, that I got used to cleaning the during treatment, he is still engaged in cleaning the, so to speak, by force of habit. I had to reply that the recipe for the medical manual on the treatment of hemorrhoids with cold baths and seating is almost the same cleaning the. This is the first thing. Secondly, – a very long time to heal hemorrhoids with cold water. We have to do from three hundred to thousands of cleaning the cold and take sitting baths for two to four months. Treatment is very slow: not worth powder and shot. The easiest way and most likely to be treated with alum in hot water and drink the broth of herbs “Royal Sceptre” or Mullen. Some other methods are also good and a lot more cure hemorrhoids than cleaning the bath and cool.

Recipe number 4

Flowers from plants royal scepter, or mullein, it should be brewed in a teapot and drink as tea. This means the city of Yekaterinburg celebrated sorceress Oliger cured hundreds of patients with all types of hemorrhoids. Bleeding stopped after two or three three days, and in a few days illness disappears completely.

Recipe number 5

In the central provinces of Russia the old woman was treated hemorrhoids leaves of aspen. Everyone knows the tree, which according to legend, Judas hung himself. From this, it would seem, aspen and become bitter. Old women took leaves of aspen and imposes them on the pile, leaving them for two hours. Then give the patient rest, and, depending on the prescription of hemorrhoids, health and age of the patient, again imposed the fresh leaves of aspen, keenly watching how the treatment proceeded. If a patient comes to the troubled state, leaves removed and gently washed the place. The patient was given a rest. A day or two you can re-impede the leaves on the buds. With decreasing size of the cones should be less and less use of aspen leaves, gradually moving to a bathing water.

Hemorrhoids – a common disease. It arises from the common cold or the anus, or from a sedentary life. For women, it is mainly a consequence of childbirth. Although hemorrhoids removed surgically, but after some time, he often returned. The present facility, as well as consequent to it, ways to help prevent the return of hemorrhoids. If it is, beyond expectation, and return, only many years later. There are still some good money from hemorrhoids. By these means the patient can be assisted during the nine-fourteen days, if he would just follow the directions given to the use of these funds.

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I Found a Natural Hemorrhoids Cure

Hemorrhoids, sometimes referred to as piles, are annoying, inconvenient, and embarrassing. Well, that is the way it was. Now, I am happy and relieved to say I have found a natural hemorrhoids cure.

The conventional doctors tried to talk me into having surgery done as a way to get rid of hemorrhoids because I have had trouble with them for many years. I have friends that took that route. There was no way I wanted to suffer that kind of misery.

I Can not Sit Down!

My dear friend, Donald, had the discomfort of piles for so long that he opted for the surgery. I was there for his recovery in the post-op time and I decided that there had to be a better way.

He could not sit, urinate easily and was just plain miserable. His pain was what opened my eyes to searching out a natural hemorrhoids cure. Bless his heart; he believed what the doctors told him but a year later they were back and they were gradually growing worse.

You Can Do It

There are ways to get rid of hemorrhoids that are easy and life enhancing. Yes, it did take me a while to adjust my life to the new ideas, but I am so happy I was patient with myself and continued in the healing process.

I needed to change my eating habits, my thinking, and my exercise regime. I did it little by little. You can have total relief by using a natural hemorrhoids cure.

Do not Be Embarrassed

Some people get a bit squeamish and embarrassed when it comes to talking about body elimination process. They do not even want to discuss it with their doctor. This is not necessary because, let's face it, everyone has to poop.

If you did not, you would die! So, it is a natural part of our humanness. We can relax and discuss this. Piles are caused by training while eliminating the bowels as well as by weight and pressure on the bowels as in pregnancy.

One of the best ways to practice a natural hemorrhoids cure is to respond to the body's desire to cleanse itself when nature calls. In other words, when you have to go, GO.

Eating good fiber can aid in the process of the cleansing of the body too. Fiber absorbs water and moves waste and toxins through the intestinal tract. Drink plenty of water hourly as you increase your fiber or you will cause constipation which is not a good thing.

Symptom Relief

Over the counter creams and ointments will temporarily ease the discomfort of piles but they will not get rid of hemorrhoids. They are like putting a band-aid on the problem. Do not get me wrong, there are good products available made with herbs that can and do provide immediate relief. But, eating fruits and veggies, exercising and using naturopathic remedies are your best path to total healing. I have found herbs and homeopathic remedies made with natural ingredients to be the most helpful for long-term success in a natural hemorrhoids cure.

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Conservative Treatment Of Hemorrhoids: Can Natural Products Help?

Hemorrhoid is defined as an abnormal formation of highly vascularized “cushions” of discrete masses of thickened submucosa containing blood vessels, smooth muscles, elastic, and connective tissues in the anal canal that can cause symptoms. The cause of hemorrhoids remains unknown, however, it can be associated with training and constipation. Treatments can be conservative or surgical based on the type, severity, and presence of complications. Accurate diagnosis should be made to rule out other serious conditions like cancer when bleeding is present. Routine inspection, digital examination, anoscopy, and even flexible sidmoidoscopy as needed to insure no other pathology is present.

Types of Hemorrhoids:

1. Internal hemorrhoids. These are located above the dentate line in the anal canal. They are covered by anal mucosa and are painless. They are classified into 4 degrees:

A. 1st degree: no prolapse of the hemorrhoids. Bleeding can be present.
B. 2nd degree: prolapse with spontaneous reduction. Fecal seepage.
C. 3rd degree: Reduce require digital reduction. Bleeding and fecal seepage can be present.
D. 4th degree: prolapse can not be reduced and strangulated.

2. External hemorrhoids: These are painful when complicated with blood clots, infection, or ulcerations. They are located below the dentate line and covered with anoderm or squamous epithelium.

Surgical Treatments:

1. Elective rubber band ligation for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree internal hemorrhoids
2. Incision and drain for simple painful thrombosed external hemorrhoids under local anesthesia.
3. Hemorrhoidectomy for 4th degree internal hemorrhoids and complicated external hemorrhoids with clots.

Conservative Treatments For Hemorrhoids

About 90% of hemorrhoids are treatable by conservative means. This means that the signs and symptoms are relieved with out surgery. Diet patterns include increased use of fiber, bran, or psyllium, and more water intake. The idea is to maintain a regular bowel movement and to avoid constipation, training, or dirrhea. Sitz bath and application of topical anesthetic cream can help ease the pain. Anusol suppository can be helpful in digital reduction of a prolapsed internal hemorrhoids.

Natural products that are specifically formulated for hemorrhoids are found to be effective and these can be taken during acute or chronic situations. Few of these products have some vasoconstrictor effect that relieves swelling of hemorrhoids and also some analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions that can be derived from these remedies. Additionally some dyspeptic and digestive discomforts are relieved by these formulated homeopathic products. They can be administrated orally and by spray under the tongue for faster effect. They are safe and can be taken long term as needed.

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The ABC of Bad Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one kind of ailments that are embarrassing to talk about, given the nature of the symptoms and manifestations. However, it is one of the most prevalent conditions in the United States, with millions of people suffering the agony of bad hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid veins are located in the anal area, both on the inside region as well as the outside. In a normal healthy person, to regulate the bowel movements, the tissue around the anus is filled with blood, but with people suffering with a case of bad hemorrhoids, the condition is a little different. These veins located inside and outside are swollen and inflamed, with symptoms like itching, burning sensation, bleeding and discomfort.

This is mainly caused by the restriction in normal blood flow to these veins, which results in vein-inflammation. The existence of higher pressure on the veins may even lead to a clot forming inside the veins, which results in a painful hemorrhoid. The pressured situation upon these veins is caused by a number of factors namely, extended periods of sitting or standing, pregnancy, conditions of constipation, excessive weight, frequent bouts of diarrhea, heavy-weight lifting, due to age in a few cases and genetic factors in others.

The bulged veins manifest in any one of the above mentioned cases, and cause a case of bad hemorrhoids which are an utter source of discomfort and pain to the sufferer. The condition is further aggravated when the patients go to the bathroom or tie their bowels.

A bad hemorrhoids condition may result in the veins rupturing from the pressure, which causes bleeding, not to mention the enormous amount of pain that companies it. The painful and embarrassing nature of the problem leads many to suffer in silence, not obtaining the right professional help.

The hemorrhoids are of two types: internal hemorrhoids and external. The internal hemorrhoids occur inside the anus, are reliably less painful and difficult to diagnose without forming bad hemorrhoids with irritation and bleeding during bowel movement.

In severe cases, there may be a 'prolapsed' hemorrhoid condition which results in the externalization of these (internal) swollen veins. This case require immediate medical help, as sometimes the anus muscle can go into spasm and cut off blood supply to the already swollen externalized vein.

External hemorrhoids are painful lumps around the anus, turning hard and even more painful if clot formation occurs. The adage prevention is better than cure might be crucial in this aspect, as, with a proper diet and exercise regimen, bad hemorrhoids might be effectively prevented.

Diet including more of fiber and bran and excluding those which cause gas, flatulence or indigestion and proper exercise would help. Also, proper bowel habits would help prevent any irritation or disturbances in the anal region.

Treatment of hemorrhoids including various procedures like ligation and sclerotherapy; the former includes bands applied onto external hemorrhoids to cut off the blood supply to it, which inevitable leads to the hemorrhoid falling off, while the latter involves injection of agents that shrivel the hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoidectomy and de-arterialization of hemorrhoids are surgical procedures which involve the removal of bad hemorrhoids, providing ultimate relief from the debilitating condition.

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Hemorrhoid Treatment Right at Home

Hemorrhoid is characterized by swollen and enlarged veins that are often seen in the anus area. In some cases, hemorrhoids can be external, which is the most painful. It is also possible to have internal hemorrhoid which is described as swinging or sagging veins / soft tissues that often stick out of the anus.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

If you observe blood in your stool or on toilet paper after defecating, these are some signs that you may have hemorrhoid and you should contact your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and hemorrhoid treatment. Other symptoms of this condition include throbbing pain, burning sensation, itching, presence of blood in the anus or feces and skin sagging out of the anus.

Causes of hemorrhoids

The most common cause of this condition is constipation. Pregnancy can also trigger this condition. If you strain when you defecate, it can also cause hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoid treatment at home

There are various hemorrhoid cures that you can do if you begin to observer symptoms of this condition. But if you experience rectal bleeding, you need to seek professional medical help for proper hemorrhoid treatment. In worse cases, surgery may even be recommended. Warm water can ease the pain. It can relax the sphincter muscle that is linked with protrusions. You can fill your water bath with 3-4 inches of warm water and stay in the tub for about 15 minutes. You can repeat doing this several times in a day as needed. If you feel any soreness, you can also opt for a sitz bath for quick pain relief.

There are several studies that show that application of zinc oxide paste or petroleum jelly is a good hemorrhoid cure. Clean your anus area and dab a small amount of this cream using a cotton ball in the area of ​​swelling. Keep your anus area dry and clean and refrain from using scented soap, body wash or scented toilet paper that can possibly irritate your skin.

Hemorrhoid treatment also includes a good diet. Start a low fiber diet that can help you prevent constipation. Taking psyllium seeds is very good in helping your stool to be softer, making it easier to pass. A teaspoon of psyllium seeds taken with a glass of water in the morning is a good habit. Do this routine in a week and then you can shift taking your dose during your lunch. On your third week, you can take your psyllium seeds thrice a day. This can give you enough fiber that your body needs.

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Women With Hemorrhoids – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Recent research reveals that most women are likely to encounter mild to moderate hemorrhoids at least once in their life. In most cases, hemorrhoids might go unnoticed as the condition tends to subside. However, women with hemorrhoids usually experience severe conditions over time. Mild hemorrhoids are not usually painful or a threat to health, but when the condition becomes serious, it is important to take notice and go for a checkup.

Women with hemorrhoids experience terrible pain that results from swollen veins appearing in the anus and rectum. It is a most common condition during pregnancy. Although hemorrhoids is a common condition that affects both men and women, women hemorrhoids is very painful. It is frequently seen in women during pregnancy as the body goes through a lot of strain, and the bowel functions are affected.

Causes of Women Hemorrhoids

The primary cause of hemorrhoids in women is pregnancy. During pregnancy a woman's uterus tumors, which increases pressure on the blood vessels lying in the rectal region. The growth of the uterus extracts tremendously pressure on the direct veins, which carries blood from lower limbs to decrease the flow of blood from the lower part of your body. This increases pressure on the rectal region and increased pressure causes swelling of the rectal veins.

Pregnancy causes constipation too. As you strain during the bowel movement and you experience difficulties in passing stools, the condition aggravates further to cause hemorrhoids. An existing hemorrhoid worsens further.

There is a third cause of women hemorrhoids as well- progesterone or the female hormone. This hormone actually causes the walls of blood vessels to swell and relax with ease. Progesterone is the hormone that is responsible for causing constipation during pregnancy as well. Therefore, with all these causes going against the function of the body, it is not surprising to note that women hemorrhoids causes pregnancy, which is very common.

Hemorrhoids aggravate if a woman sits or stands for too long.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids in Woman

Hemorrhoids, in its early days, will usually be asymptomatic. Neverheless, it may cause symptoms like bleeding stools, which is a typical sign of severe hemorrhoids. Although the condition may not be accompanied by acute pain, it can lead to severe consequences. Seeing blood spots on the toilet paper should be considered as an alarming sign.

Apart from rectal bleeding, there are many symptoms of hemorrhoids too. Hemorrhoids in women, causes itching, particularly affecting the anal and rectal region, that leads to discomfort.

When hemorrhoids are thrombosed, it can be very painful. Painful hemorrhoids are very difficult to cope up with. Thrombosed hemorrhoids tend to enlarge and may as well impinge on anal muscles to make bowel movements even more difficult. If the swapping is too large, it will not only be painful but will also cause bleeding.

External women hemorrhoids also have certain symptoms that are quite obvious. This hemorrhoid type is visible as a lump or swilling around the anus. This is the most painful hemorrhoid type that requires a consistent treatment plan. The effected nerves have to be treated well and medical attention is the only solution.

Relief Options for Women with Hemorrhoids

Women with hemorrhoids can seek relief from medication and natural solutions. There are different types of creams and ointments available to soothe hemorrhoids pain.

Eating a healthy and fiber-rich meal can ease stools and improve overall bowel functions. It is very important for women to have fibrous foods and also drink lots of water to ensure that their system is functioning properly.

Never control bowels when there is an urge to prevent training.

Avoid exercising too much pressure or training during bowel movements.

Use an ice pack to soothe pain.

Take a sitz bath to treat pain and inflammation.

Always keep the affected area clean.

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Treatment of Piles At Home – Your Natural Guide

Treatment of piles at home is possible. As the condition is known to be extremely painfully and severely unbearable in nature people usually want to get immediate relief. With the treatment for piles at home one can get instant relief and also benefit from its effects for long periods.

Once piles occurs, it can be extremely difficult for a person to go through all the pain and bleeding. Nonetheless, there are many traditional medicines that have been developed with years of research to make sure that a person gets good results.

Piles- An Embarrassing Condition

Piles are one of the most embarrassing conditions that cause terrible pain and discomfort. It is necessary to understand the causes of piles. Unwillingness to see a doctor can actually aggravate the condition even further to cause severe ill effects.

Piles are swollen veins that can be caused due to various reasons, such as training, heavy body weight, pregnancy and poor food habits. The veins tend to rupture to cause bleeding and cause terrible pain. The only way to treat the condition is to understand the cause and proceed with the piles home treatment options.

Piles is mainly caused due to over-training of the varicose veins, and there are several factors causing this, such as congested liver, poor diet, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and many lifestyle conditions.

Treatment of Piles At Home – Your Natural Guide

As people are often not aware of the benefits of the piles home treatment options and their results, it is difficult for them to believe that there are several effective remedies that can be tried. Some of the common options are noted below:

  • Aloe Vera: It is a natural herb that has excellent healing properties. Aloe Vera is known to have many benefits and it gives quick relief against the pain and swelling associated with piles. Therefore, it is the most thought after treatment of piles at home, Aloe Vera can be applied directly to the affected part of the anus.
  • Yarrow: Yarrow is basically a type of tea that has beneficial healing properties. It offers relief against pain and inflammation.
  • Witch Hazel: It is one of the best treatments for piles at home that can be used without any second thought. Witch Hazel is basically an herb that can be applied to the sore. It helps to shrink swollen veins and bring relief immediately.
  • Natural herbs: There are many natural herbs that can alleviate this painful condition and bring relief. Some of the common ones are myrrh, bayberry, white oak, goldenseal root and many more. It soothes pain and swelling too.

Treatment of Piles at Home

There are certain treatments for piles at homes that can be beneficial in the long run. For instance, use a hemorrhoid cream that contains hydrocortisone. This will help in drying up the area and allow the piles to shrink and fall off.

Sitz bath is excellent to soothe piles pain. You can choose a sitz bath or warm bath. Just soak the anal area in water for 15-20 minutes, thrice a day. Sitz bath equipments are available at drugstores for purchase.

It is important to keep the anal region clean after using the toilet and otherwise too. Use warm water to clean yourself at least once a day. Soap is not always necessary as it can further aggravate problems. The anal area should be kept dry as well.

If a person is having hemorrhoids, he should not use dry toilet paper post bowel movement. It is best to use fragrance-free wet toilet paper for a cleaner feeling.

Ice packs and cold compress can be used for reducing inflammation.

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Understand the Symptoms For Piles Before It Is Too Late

When hemorrhoids occurs, it may not be symptomatic always. Therefore, it is important to learn what the symptoms of hemorrhoids are beforehand. Usually characterized by a typical swapping that normally involves the blood vessels present in as well as around the anal and lower rectal, piles have a great impact on overall health. It stretches under extreme pressure to cause varicose veins.

Symptoms of piles are typically worsen when the pressure is increased. This results from over training during bowel movements. There could be some other contributing reasons for the condition as well, such as chronic and consistent dirrhea and constipation, heredity, aging and pregnancy.

What Are The Symptoms Of Piles?

The symptoms of piles include characteristic anorectal problems, such as fissures, abscesses, fistulae, itching, irritation and similar complications. The first sign of piles is a bulge that forms within the anus. The anus is inflamed and swollen. The condition results from prolonged training during the bowel functions or an increased pressure on the veins due to many contributing factors.

Bleeding bowel movements, rectal pan and itching are very common signs of piles or hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids, as we know, are of two types – external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids (External)?

External hemorrhoids causes pain mainly affecting the rectal region. Blood tend to accumulate under skin, to form painful and hard lumps. This condition is typically known as clotted or thrombosed hemorrhoids. Blood streaks may also be seen on toilet paper immediately after training in order to clear bowel movements.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids (Internal)?

The symptoms of piles that lie within the anus can be difficult to identify. Although pain is quite normal, the other signs are not visible to the eye. Visible blood streaks on toilet paper can be an alarming sign of internal hemorrhoids. Similarly, having trouble in passing bowel movements and painful constipation could have some of the telltale signs too. Blood is often seen on the pot after use.

There are some more symptoms of piles affecting the internal anorectal region, such as itching, skin irritation, severe pain and overall discomfort.

Itching is one of the most frequent complaints with internal hemorrhoids. Mucus is released from the affected region, which tends to irritate the skin in the anal region to cause itching and irritation.

Pain is very common with all types of hemorrhoids, whether internal or external. However, internal hemorrhoids might not be as painful as external ones. If the hemorrhoids are large and have a bulge from anus, it causes painful swelling. When the muscles are squeezed further to control the anal functions, the pain increases. Severe pain is likely to be caused as a typical sign of poor supply of blood to the hemorrhoids. In such cases, an emergency treatment might be required.

There is an overall feeling of discomfort that unveils the condition too. A sudden urge to pass stools immediately after bowel movement, problems in sitting and a bulging hemorrhoid visible from large intestine or the anal canal. Generally, larger hemorrhoids lead to greater discomfort.

The symptoms of piles, characterized by pain and bleeding and some of the changes in overall bowel habits are noticeable. Often times, these symptoms have been associated with anal cancer or rectal cancer too. People having these symptoms for years, typically the ones aged over 50 should report the condition to their healthcare provider for a proper check up and thorough diagnosis of the condition.

The other symptoms of this typical condition can include anal fissures, colon polyps, inflammatory bowel disease or IBD and rectal prolapsed. These conditions have to be identified and rated according to the requirement.

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Ayurvedic Piles Treatment for Quick Relief

Piles are an acute condition that can lead to debilitating health and also infuse mental discomfort. Amongst many treatment choices available today Ayurvedic piles treatment is believed to be sound and helpful because it does not have any after effects. As a matter of fact, people are now more interested in learning about treatment of piles in Ayurveda to understand how these methods and ingredients work and help in improving the overall condition.

The primary cause of piles is the average American diet. An overwhelming chunk of Americans are attracted to the fatty foods, while neglecting the two primary components called calcium and fiber. Whilst food habit is one of the most important concerns in this regard, the other concern is certainly the sedentary lifestyle. All these factors lead to a lazy digestive system that fails to perform its task properly over the years and causes nagging and painful piles.

Piles treatment in Ayurveda emphasizes on the importance of mainly three elements of the body, called ' dosha' . It is about bringing a proper balance – pitta dosha is the way to control all metabolic functions and waste functions. Those with poor pitta dosha must undergo some piles treatment Ayurvedic helps in addressing all the underlying issues to create an overall balance and to improve the condition.

Ayurvedic Remedies and Options

Ayurvedic piles treatment is not always straightforward; applying a tonic or taking a medication will not help in treating the condition. Unlike in the west, piles treatment Ayurvedic focuses primarily on the mind, spirit and body to ensure that proper changes are taking place in the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person. These elements are straightforward functions that help in decreasing the chances of sickness, which includes piles too. Patients with piles must address their own pitta imbalances or ' doshas' as they take the necessary steps towards improved blood circulation and a stress-free life.

Ayurvedic piles treatment treats both internal as well as external piles appropriatively. Even piles located in the intestine can be treated carefully to ensure proper relief. In case of internal piles, the treatment is done by altering the metabolic processes so that it does not trigger any blockage or inflammation. The major alternations to be made are done in regards to the imbalanced dosha of the pitta are some essential dietary changes with lots of fruits and vegetables, natural sources of fiber, seeds and nuts, natural herbs and various treatment methods.

Piles Treatment in Ayurveda – The Ingredients

Piles treatment in Ayurveda includes a wide range of options that comes in different forms. For instance, seeds work well for these treatment and are most widely advocated today. Treatment of piles with Ayurveda can be done with sesame seeds. Sesame seeds produce natural oil having lubricating properties that helps in soothing the digestive tract. However, this oil is not absorbed by the body. It passes through the body once the waste is cleaned through a proper process of digestion.

Similarly, Baeal fruit is another common piles treatment in Ayurveda that acts like a tonic and helps in relieving the condition. This is a typical fruit that has an effect of butter on piles, both internal and external. It calms the condition, increases lubrication and promotes good health of the intestine too.

External piles, on the other hand, are visibly located. These can be extremely irritating and cause immense discomfort as well. Piles treatment in Ayurvedic for external piles is meant to suppress pain and reduce inflammation. Whenever some dietary changes are made, external piles act as the best solution for the condition. There are several ingredients in Ayurveda that can be blended together to soothe the condition and bring relief.

Overall, Ayurvedic piles treatment encompasses a broad spectrum that includes different methods to improve and treat the condition.

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Scope of Piles Treatment in Homeopathy

Piles homeopathic treatment is one of the most effective methods to manage piles and its symptoms. Homeopathic medicines have been associated with many typical conditions that can lead to ailing health conditions. While piles is not something that can be called an ailment, it is certainly one of those conditions that causes terrible pain and discomfort, interfering with the daily life of a person and making it extremely difficult to carry out the regular tasks.

Piles homeopathic treatment and piles herbal treatment emphasize not only on the methods of relieving the symptoms of the condition but mainly on the root cause of piles, which actually gives quick relief. Homeopathic remedies have a broader scope because it is a gentle method of treatment that does not require a surgery or invasion. Moreover, as the condition is likely to return, surgery is not recommended. In addition, surgery can not help in treating piles that have been caused due to genetic tendencies, habitual diarrheas or constipation etc.

Piles homeopathic treatment works effectively at the cause or root level to modify the genetic complications that attribute to the condition, thereby reducing recurrence of piles significantly. It is very effective as a treatment for internal piles.

How Homeopaths Perceive Piles And Hemorrhoids?

People having chronic venous constitution are believed to be more broadly influenced with piles or hemorrhoids. Blood circulation is badly affected in people with piles, which is why, blood accumulates in the lower part of their body when they are in an erect position. Piles are basically varicose veins occurring in the rectum. People having sycosis miasm prominently are likely to suffer from this condition more frequently.

Piles homeopathic treatment apparently seems to have wide scope that can treat the condition without a surgery. Selection of a remedy is obviously not based on the methods of diagnosis of the condition, but rather on the particular patient's constitution. For quicker and better relief from bleeding piles and pain, piles herbal treatment can be recommended as well. Herbal treatment involves the use of different herbs like Nux Vomica, Aesculus, Aloe Vera, Ratanhia, Collinsonia and many more. These are known to have wonderful healing properties.

Piles treatment in homeopathy can further help in achieving conditions like chronic constipation that may have any underlying reason. It is quite obvious that before treating hemorrhoids, it is important to treat constipation; if constipation remains untreated, piles will recur from time to time.

Piles Homeopathic Treatment Options

There is an array of choices when it comes to piles homeopathic treatment.

  • Aloe is one of the best options as it helps in curing the bleeding, hot rectum and heals the sore.
  • Calendula is a soothing ingredient, available in the form of ointment that helps in healing all types of open wounds. Applying this treatment locally can bring instant relief.
  • Collinsonia Canadensis is a beneficial medication that relieves itchy anus problems and also treats constipation.
  • Graphites are excellent for relieving constipation, treatment soreness and burning hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • Nux Vomica is an excellent treatment for painful and itchy hemorrhoids. It relieves the feeling of a constricted rectum.
  • Hamamelis-Q is an effective piles homeopathic treatment that controls acute pain.
  • Ratanhia is a safe and effective homeopathic medication that helps in relieving severe pain caused by piles.

There is many other piles treatment in homeopathy as well, such as Nux Vomica, Silicea, and Sulfur.

Piles homeopathic treatment is now widely available. However, it is important to see a homeopath and evaluate the condition before recommending the best treatment. Homeopathy for the treatment of piles is considered to be a good alternative.

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