Hemorrhoids can be painful as they are bothersome afflictions. They can make your day uncomfortable and even cause unforeseen pangs of pain in your rectal region which can be embarrassing if you're sitting on your chair all day at work. Hemorrhoids home remedies come in all shapes and sizes. Although hemorrhoids are delineated types of inflammations, they can be cured with either the use of surgery or home style treatment. Both are essentially effective, but have set backs.

There are a lot of hemorrhoid remedies out there; some are direct medication such as suppositories while some are primarily applied creams that help alleviate the pain. Here are a couple of known medicines that can supply with pain relief and help with the inflammation:

Witch-Hazel Cream

Witch hazel cream contains an active ingredient known as hamamelis, a plant extract. This cream is topically applied to the area of ​​swelling to reduce the hemorrhoid's overall size. Aside from alleviating the swelling, this cream also functions as pain relief. This makes it an effective over-the-counter medication.

Butcher's Broom

Also known as Ruscus Aculeatus, butcher's broom is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities while improving the constriction of the veins as they shrink them back to their respective sizes. Ruscogen a compound found in this type of plants helps in the shrinking process. This plant-based treatment has a naturally occurring healing process that could pretty much do the trick if you're looking for progressive treatment of hemorrhoids.

Horse Chestnut

This particular natural treatment works best on people with poor circulation, making it the perfect treatment for external hemorrhoids. This type of medication be taken orally as capsule, drank as tea or even applied directly on the hemorrhoid area. The only catch to this particular type of plant is that some people may have some adverse allergies to it. Get a smear test first before using it on your hemorrhoids.

Natural vs. Synthetic Medication

There is not much of delineation when it comes to effectiveness. The only issue here is that synthetic medication such as Tylenol or steroids tend to have some noticeable side effects. Steroids for example are not usually recommended for continued use due to the fact that they can cause thinning of skin. Indirect medication such as laxatives and stool softeners has been crucible to the gradual recovery.

Naturally occurring plant-based hemorrhoid medication work their magic but may pose a risk for people who have possible allergies with these types of plants. Although they may not have adverse side-effects, caution and moderation must still be used.