There are ways to minimize the symptoms and discomfort bought about by hemorrhoids. In this article, I will feature a few tips to provide relief with your problem and reduce the effects of hemorrhoids using natural and gentle ways.

Fiber is very important to eliminate the need of excessive training during bowel movement. This is very essentials because training can aggravate the pain you feel during bowl movement when you have hemorrhoids or an inflated anal area.

The trick is to eat foods rich in fiber. Strive to consume between 25 and 30 grams of fiber daily. You can try oatmeal, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber supplements to implement this trick. If needed, you can also try fiber supplements such as psyllium.

To help the fiber, you also need sufficient amounts of water. Water is also very important in proper bowel movement. Make it a point to drink 8 glasses of water every day. This amount will ensure that you will have smooth bowel movement.

You also need to avoid sitting on your butt for hours if you want to relieve yourself of the symptoms of hemorrhoids. When sitting for extended periods, you put pressure to your anal veins. This habit will also minimize blood flow in this area.

The trick is to get moving with physical activities. Take a 30-minute walk everyday or try a cardio session. You can do exercises but, during this time, you might as well stay away from lifting weights. If your job requires sitting for a long time, have a break every hour and walk around.

If you want to treat the pain, there are gentle remedies like sitz bath and herbal creams that can soothe the symptoms. A sitz bath, a shower warm bath for the anal area, will reduce the pain and discomfort. On the other hand, herbal remedies like witch hazel and Butcher's broom are also proven to have powerful properties than can help your situation. These herbal remedies can reduce the inflammation and improve the blood flow as well.

But you have to understand that these remedies may be only temporary solutions to the problem. Go to your doctor and discuss a long-term solution that provides details of the necessary lifestyle changes you need to implement as well as proven remedies to reverse the problem. This is recommended during the early stages before things get worse. Therefore, go to your doctor as soon as you see signs of hemorrhoids.