Hemorrhoids is more often than not seen as the punchline to a joke but unfortunately for some it's a harsh reality. The pain experienced from hemorrhoids can often be so uncomfortable that any sufferer not only has the physical symptoms to deal with but there's also the mental aspect of it which leads to stress, making hemorrhoids a major health issue to any sufferer. To be able to relax in comfort free from hemorrhoids for any sufferer would be an incredible load off the mind, knowing that there is no longer is a need to spend over half of the waking day trying to find comfort in all activities whether at work, rest or play. Being comfortable is a key element to feeling confident and with the fact that hemorrhoids is often laughed at, it also makes it a harder symptom for the sufferer to address which again causes more stress.

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are usually caused by excessive pressure in the lower abdomen. Common circumstances that contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids are pregnancy and constipation, although spending a lot of time sitting down or standing and poor diet are also possible causes, as are frequent lifting of heavy objects and being overweight. Piles are found in two forms: a) internally, which is normally without pain but a sufferer may notice passages of blood on the tissue after passing a stool or on the stool itself, or b) externally with the piles protruding from the anus. It's fair to say in this respect that the majority of people can suffer with hemorrhoids at any time but it's more often found in people over 30 years of age when the muscles in the anal area can become weaker, so having an awareness of these causes could be seen as a step towards dealing with them more effectively with regards to prevention as opposed to having to find a cure.

Some circumstances like pregnancy for example, would be hard to prevent the onset of piles simply because an expectant mum pretty much has to go through the movements and symptoms that come with pregnancy, which could also include things like gain gain, digestive issues and muscle and back aches and pains. Ultimately, through pregnancy the lower bowel is subject to excessive pressure, even more so if there are complications. In most cases though, piles can be avoided with some forward thinking and healthy, daily practice.

There are many cures available today which vary between natural remedies, medical treatment and self-medication. Fortunately, hemorrhoids is something that the sufferer can deal with themselves as opposed to seeking medical attention but it would be wise to be sure that it is piles rather than just assume it to be! For some, seeking medical attention is often an absolute no-no owed to the nature of the complaint, and although the effects are very uncomfortable, the sufferer would sooner suffer in silence than reveal their embarrassments to a doctor or chemist, so the option to find a suitable cure using the internet or other written media would be seen as no less than a life-saver. Either way the thought of being able to relax in comfort free from hemorrhoids is enough for any sufferer to find the most suitable method to be rid of the problem once and for all and as quickly as possible.

Among the natural remedies and self-help methods, such plant extracts like witch hazel, horse chestnut, and stone root have all been associated with the healing of piles. These tend to be available as creams, sprays or pill form and in most cases, external or internal medicines tend to use a combination of these with other ingredients like alcohol, so it would be wise to be sure of no allergies to any of the contents before making a purchase.

Natural methods mainly relate to changing of ones' diet by including more fruit, vegetables and other foods that have a high fiber content. Also substituting drinks like coffee and carbonated soft drinks with water where possible is a great help. Drinking more water as well as eating more fruit and vegetables reduces the opportunities of constipation and Promotes healthier digestion. A sufferer of hemorrhoids may consider using a cream, spray or pill method to reduce pain and discomfort as well as putting into practice a change in their eating habits and exercise routine. There's also a variety of inflatable rings and cushions available to ease the pain and it is highly recommended that a sufferer wear loose fitting cotton underwear to reduce the risk of clothing irritating the piles even more.