True enough, pregnancy is an exciting and refreshing experience. However, it can also be very stressful. Exciting, because everyone is thrilled to know what the baby will look like after birth. In addition, there are so many amazing changes that a mother will go through every day. On the other hand, pregnancy can also be exhausting because of nausea, mood swings, back aches and belly aches, frequent urination, constipation and most of all hemorrhoids.

As most mothers would say, hemorrhoids in pregnancy is a common occurrence.Moreover, as from the fact that some cases of hemorrhoids will vanish or heals on its own after a few weeks, pregnancy hemorrhoids are temporary and may shove off after birth. However, it can cause significant pain and discomfort to the expectant mother.

Hemorrhoid symptoms in pregnancy are very comparable to other hemorrhoid sufferers. Expectant mothers do complain of itch and pain around the anal region. Beside, there is a feeling of incomplete bowel movements which may be accompanied with pain and bloody stools.

It is imperative to manage the hemorrhoids symptoms properly. Furthermore, pregnant women who are suffering from hemorrhoid must be careful on what treatment they should try. They must consult first their respective doctor to make sure that they're using safe medicines and home hemorrhoid remedies.

Typically, expectant moms are advised to opt for the basic home treatments to alleviate pain. Sitz bath or hot bath are often advised. This home remedy is effective in providing immediate hemorrhoids relief.

Another effective home remedy for hemorrhoid is putting ice packs to the affected area as necessary. This can decrease pollution, ease itchiness and the burning sensation around the rectum area.

Before using topical creams, suppositories and oral medications, moms should first consult their respective obstetricians to ensure that these drugs are safe to take. Since some of the most active ingredients in these hemorrhoid reliefs are not safe to pregnant women.

Surely, household hemorrhoids treatments are safe and effective. Horse chestnut and calendula are known to reduce inflammation and swelling. Herbs such as witch hazel and horsetail are used to stop bleeding. In addition, aloe gel, butcher's broom are used topically to relieve pain and burning sensation. Psyllium seed and dandelion are used to soothe and softens bowel lining.

To conclude, pregnant women are sooner to develop hemorrhoids. In most cases, the symptoms of hemorrhoids will go away naturally. However, it is advisable that pregnant women must consult first their doctor before buying any kind of hemorrhoids treatments.