There is no exact definition of Hemorrhoids, but they can be defined as stacks or heaps of tissue contained within the anal canal of the body. Most people mistaken hemorrhoids to be abnormal, but it is not. In fact, hemorrhoids are present to every one of us. It is only considered to be abnormal if the so-called hemorrhoidal cushions enlarge and cause problems to the individual.

There are different symptoms of hemorrhoids depending on the case. If it is internal hemorrhoids, then it is often painless. But if the internal hemorrhoids continue to increase in size, it expands into the anal canal. In this case, there is a tendency for a lining of the rectum to be pulled down and stick out from the anus. This is called prolapsing internal hemorrhoid. It usually goes back into the anal canal on its own or it can be pressed back inside with a finger. But it sticks out again with the next bowel movement. Another case is the incarceration of the hemorrhoid, where the hemorrhoid protrudes from the anus and it can not be pressed back inside.

All in all, the symptoms of hemorrhoids vary depending on whether it is an external or internal hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoids are often to be felt as lumps at the anus, and they usually root a small number of the symptoms which are usually seen in internal hemorrhoids.

When it comes to treating hemorrhoids, it is recommended that those with it should soften their stools through adding a lot of fiber in their diets. Another option is by buying some over-the-counter products. These medications may not really cure the hemorrhoids, but reduce only its symptoms. These come in different forms such as creams, ointments and gels.

Having hemorrhoids could cause a lot of problems. If one has hemorrhoids, then cleaning oneself is quite difficult and painful. But since there is the existence of bidet, the task of maintaining a proper hygiene for someone with hemorrhoids is less of a problem. With the use of bidet, the user could adjust water pressure to achieve a massaging effect on the anal area, thus, giving much comfort and a sense of cleanliness to the person.

The bidet is highly recommended by doctors to patients suffering from hemorrhoids because it does not only aid them in washing themselves, but it also replaced the use of toilet paper and other moist pads which may worsen the situation due to the chemicals they contain.