If you have bluish to reddish lumps near your anal area after long hours of sitting, then you probably have thrombosed hemorrhoids. It may look alarming at first especially if you realize that the bluish and reddish lump is actually blood, but in fact few people die from this medical condition. Even though this is not fatal, it is still best to know what thrombosed hemorrhoid is and the way to treat using external thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment.

Thrombosed hemorrhoid is caused by various reasons. There are many who say that sitting for a long time will cause this while there are those that say that lifting weights can also cause this problem. Excessive force while doing bowel movement can also cause this as well as giving birth to a child. Whatever the reason may be, this problem is not alarming and can be treated by external means if not by surgery.

Thrombosed hemorrhoid is actually a blood clot in the anal area and can become painfully especially if it forms near the anal nerve endings. There is a possibility too that the lump will burst and will cause bleeding when the area is pricked or due to friction. However this rarely happens and was not heard in cases for the past years.

Because of the uneasiness that it will give to the person, thrombosed hemorrhoid must be treated at once. First, the affected person must visit a doctor. Then the doctor will decide whether or not the condition is bad or treatable. If the doctor decides that the hemorrhoid is treatable, he advises the person to rest for two to four weeks. During this time, the body might just absorb the blood clot and will eventually disappear. During this rest period, the person can try some of the external thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment available. However, if the condition is bad, the doctor usually recommends surgery.

There are many external treatments for thrombosed hemorrhoid and these treatments usually bring relief to the person who has the condition. Some use commercial creams while others uses warm baths to alleviate the pain and inflammation being experienced. Others change their diet and they usually add more fiber to their diet so that they will have softer stools.

Another popular external thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment is the Venapro which uses herbal and botanical extracts that are known to heal and soothe. Since the treatment is external, it calms the infected areas with no dangerous side effects.