A pile is exactly what occurs when a vein within the anal region gets inflamed, resulting in swelling, soreness, itchiness, hemorrhaging and sometimes a number of additional uncomfortable symptoms. There are several factors behind the causes of piles, however pretty much all of them result from the anal tissues both becoming inflamed as well as being under an excess amount of pressure.

The key reason why this will be relevant is because if you are aiming to eliminate your symptoms quickly and effectively, you'll want to determine why you have them to begin with. Once you have done this, then you're able to use the best suited solution to shrink the enlarged vein back to its ordinary condition. There are several ways to eliminate piles, however, the correct treatment method will depend on the reasons why you have them as well as the type.

Probably the most well-known factors behind piles is excessive bending through bowel motions, typically as a result of hard stools which do not proceed through the intestinal tract correctly. The strategy to fix this is to ensure you are always properly hydrated and also have sufficient dietary fiber in what you eat. When struggling with piles, incorporating additional dietary fiber into your diet is often a good starting point.

Yet another precedent cause of piles is regularly sitting down for extended periods of time. People who work in offices, where they need to sit in front of their desks for 8 hours, 5 to 6 days a week they are much more prone to developing this condition than people who regularly move around while they work. Many people do not understand it, but sitting down basically puts extra strain around the veins in the anal region. As time passes, these leads to the development of piles, or sometimes you can aggravate existing ones. Never sit down for time periods longer than 30 minutes without getting up and moving around. Even if you work in an office, make sure you get up and walk around every 30 minutes to avoid putting extra pressure around the recto-anal area.

You will find of course a number of other steps you can take to ease piles symptoms or to decrease the chances that you develop them, but even all these basic ideas are sufficient to ensure a decrease in your discomforts when correctly applied.

If you're troubled with piles, do not despair, there are several other highly effective ways to deal with this problem.