Almost everyone has heard about hemorrhoids, usually referred to as piles but very few people can really explain what they are. Basically, the condition results from increased pressure on veins and capillaries around the rectum due to continuous sitting and this is the reason why the disease is common among long distance drivers and workaholics who spend most of their time in the office. It is important to note that the condition affects the rectum by causing itching and pain and could sometimes result in passing of blood when excreting stool.

There are two main types of hemorrhoids which includes external and internal hemorrhoids. Since there is potential for a large population developing this condition, it is important for individuals to learn how to cope with the condition and treatment.

There are natural remedies for this which includes the use of herbal products. Natural remedies could be medicinal or simply by changing the diet that one takes. This follows the fact that they are caused by excessive pressure during bowel evacuation. If one takes diet that is rich in fibers, it is easy to increase peristalsis and then bowel evacuation need not be something that requires force but which uses natural mechanism. It is also possible for one to use direct mechanical pressure on the veins that are inflamed so that they can go back to their original shape and nature. It is worth mentioning that if one does not continue to apply the pressure in order to counter that pressure which comes from the process of bowel evacuation, the inflammation continues to increase.

Bio flavonoid is a type of natural remedies for external hemorrhoids. These are compounds gotten from some plants and are useful in strengthening the venous walls so that infection is reduced by the fact that the veins are now able to absorb more pressure. This Bio flavonoid is found in fruits such as citrus and has only few mild adverse effects. They are quite effective in reduction of anal pain, discomfort and pain during anal discharge among individuals suffering from severe hemorrhoids. Taking raw fruits would even be advisable because the body gains by acquitting both the bio flavonoid and fibers from the fruit.

Another natural remedy is the use of with Hazel which is a concoction made from the leaves of haemmamelis virginiana. The concoction is applied on the external piles and works due to its astringent values ​​while still relieving pain and swellings associated with the condition. The leaves of another plant, the Butcher's Broom, are also quite useful in the vein constricting and as anti-inflammatory brothel by ruscogen, the active ingredient in the drug. Horse chestnut is another herb that has the same properties as the Butchers Broom but the two are not applied on the external inflammations but taken as capsules or as tea. Individuals suffering from hemorrhoids may at times tend to hide the condition due to its embarrassing location but this should not be the case since the condition is treatable and manageable being being recognized broadly. Its nothing that people should fear exposing and getting the best treatment.